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For Sale 2008 R1

Discussion in 'Other Bikes For Sale' started by cookster, Sep 14, 2020.

  1. Right then guys time has come to sell my beloved r1 due to lack of use and the arrival of the rsv.

    It's a 2008 4c8 with 13,000 miles on the clock with full service history.

    Blue carbon bst wheels

    Ohlins ttx shock

    K tech cartridge kit

    Ohlins damper

    Harris rearsets

    Loads of carbon

    Reflash by p3 tuning

    Decat with m4 exhaust cans

    Gilles chain adjusters

    Tinted db screen

    Full titanium bolt kit

    Blue braided lines

    open to px deal

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  2. GLWS mate. Never thought I’d see that up for sale.
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  3. I know mate but it just sits there looking pretty. Don't ride it now.
  4. That looks like a decent ride! :upyeah:
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  5. It's a lovely bike mate
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  6. Does it come with different wheel options/colours?

  7. Lol yeah can paint it pink for you bud
    #7 cookster, Sep 14, 2020
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  8. I remember I bought exact same bike in October 2008(red and white) from Main dealer, unregistered for £7k
    Commuted happily for 4 years on it till crashed it bad in 2012.
    Can’t believe they going for £7.5k now!
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  9. I'm only selling mine for 7.5 because of all the kit on it bud. I could put back to standard and sell all the bits separately.
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  10. I’d strip it, sell the bits and flog it stock, there’s no way someone is going to give you £7.5k for it (although its worth it) You’d end up with more money too

    There’s probably £3.5k in bits there and the bike would fly out at £5k stock

    In my experience most punters are odd, they’d rather pay £5k for a stocker and spend £4K upgrading it, mad but true . . .
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  11. Very nice cookster :cool:
    I have a blue 08 in my garage too, that's also under used.
    Each time it think I might sell it I take it for a ride instead. And back in the garage it goes :yum
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  12. Yep I know what you mean mate.

    I won't be unhappy if it don't sell.
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