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Featured 2008 Street Triple - Roulette Green

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by Haydn, Jan 23, 2021.

  1. Hi everyone, i’ve not been very active on here since selling my 916 and recently been busy with our first child but now back on two wheels again. This is my third street triple but first gen 1 bike. Always fancied an original round headlight street triple and this early pre R version caught my attention in the awesome Roulette green. For anyone who hasn’t ridden a street triple I urge you to try one, any of them from over the years. They’re the perfect balance of power and agility, the steering is telepathic and a much better bike than the Speed triple IMO. Oh and the induction noise! I first rode one in 2010 (my fathers bike at the time) and instantly fell in love with them. Previously i’ve owned them in parallel with my Ducati’s but this is currently my only bike..... for now, hope to have a red friend for it at some point.

    1 owner from new
    8k miles
    Arrow exhaust and map

    1E56AC79-206C-48F6-A5EE-3CE1248E0AC5.jpeg 45A4E89A-F77D-4645-9909-E6216C2673E5.jpeg AF592E46-F144-4F39-8E10-A2517D1223A6.jpeg 3C4A7203-3688-4389-91FB-83474672ACD8.jpeg FBB6DCDC-CF30-40CE-9320-8EC0498E1B82.jpeg
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  2. Triumph and Ducati. Best of both worlds. :upyeah:
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  3. Very nice. I had one new in 2007. A great bike, went on my first euro road trips on it. It was fun and faultless, did nearly 30k miles on it. Had a couple of MV's in between getting my 765RS. Goes well with the ducs

  4. Family photo

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  5. It’s funny you’ve posted that, my next bike was supposed to be a touring bike so I could go on another Euro trip with my father, tiger, v strom, KTM etc but when this became available I had to buy it. I’d convinced myself it would be terrible on a Euro trip but your photo suggests otherwise. How was it? I also have another fly screen with the visor on like your 2007. Be interesting to hear how you were on it and if you did any long motorway days on it?
  6. I'm only small, 5ft 6 and 10 1/2 stone, so the street fitted me perfect. It was fine on the motorway with the small flyscreen. We did have some long days, especially when we arrived one night in Lucerne and should have been in Lausanne!!, a flat out blast down 150 miles of mway.
    Done a few trips on naked bikes and never really had any issues on long trips. Did Spain to home twice on a 600 hornet, Scotland on the monster etc. The worst thing is a numb bum, but I guess that happens on every bike.
  7. I have two flyscreens for my 2009, one with a visor and one without. The one with does make far more of a noticeable difference than you'd expect in terms of reducing buffeting. It does however significantly increase wind noise around my head, to the extent I'd rather do longer journeys at speed without it.
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