For Sale 2009 Fireblade £4500 Or Px Monster Etc

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  1. Up for sale is my 2009 fireblade
    I was knocked off this bike in January and it sustained some fairing damage and other cosmetic blemishes(cat n) , I've spent some money to get it repaired and looking nice again.
    New fairings, chain, sprocket and a lot of ss bolts.
    Comes with a Leo vince carbon stubby and the stock can.
    17000 miles on the clock, but will go up a little as its my daily.
    I would love keep this but I have too much going on and would like to free up some money, would happily px for a monster or other suitable commuter.
    £4500 with both cans or 4250 with the stock can
    I will update pics when she's had a clean.
    downloadfile.jpg DSC_0034-1350x2393.JPG DSC_0033-1350x2393.JPG DSC_0032-1350x2393.JPG DSC_0031-2393x1350.JPG DSC_0037-1350x2393.JPG DSC_0035-1350x2393.JPG DSC_0038-2393x1350.JPG DSC_0039-1350x2393.JPG DSC_0041-2393x1350.JPG
  2. That’s a lot of bike, very surprised if that’s still for sale

    Infact if that’s still for sale I’ll .....oh forget that bit
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  3. Is it for sale?
  4. Yup cracking bike, hasn't been on the bay yet though.
  5. Yes still is
  6. That is a great buy, a lot of brilliant bike very surprised it’s still available I’d have no qualms about owning that.
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  7. Steep money for an old blade with cat N, sold my 2012 newer model with lots of extras like ohlins/Gilles for only 5K