For Sale 2009 Fireblade £4500 Or Px Monster Etc

Discussion in 'Other Bikes For Sale' started by Nostromo, May 26, 2019.

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  1. Up for sale is my 2009 fireblade
    I was knocked off this bike in January and it sustained some fairing damage and other cosmetic blemishes(cat n) , I've spent some money to get it repaired and looking nice again.
    New fairings, chain, sprocket and a lot of ss bolts.
    Comes with a Leo vince carbon stubby and the stock can.
    17000 miles on the clock, but will go up a little as its my daily.
    I would love keep this but I have too much going on and would like to free up some money, would happily px for a monster or other suitable commuter.
    £4500 with both cans or 4250 with the stock can
    I will update pics when she's had a clean.
    downloadfile.jpg DSC_0034-1350x2393.JPG DSC_0033-1350x2393.JPG DSC_0032-1350x2393.JPG DSC_0031-2393x1350.JPG DSC_0037-1350x2393.JPG DSC_0035-1350x2393.JPG DSC_0038-2393x1350.JPG DSC_0039-1350x2393.JPG DSC_0041-2393x1350.JPG
  2. That’s a lot of bike, very surprised if that’s still for sale

    Infact if that’s still for sale I’ll .....oh forget that bit
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  3. Is it for sale?
  4. Yup cracking bike, hasn't been on the bay yet though.
  5. Yes still is
  6. That is a great buy, a lot of brilliant bike very surprised it’s still available I’d have no qualms about owning that.
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  7. Steep money for an old blade with cat N, sold my 2012 newer model with lots of extras like ohlins/Gilles for only 5K
  8. Bump reduced to 4k without the leo vince,
    Still after a monster or something cheap as a runaround or a high milage 749/999
  9. Can’t help thinking this will sell with a better advert, any service history? Do these still need the big service at 16k miles, have you cleaned it yet? Matching tyres? Chinese fairings? Mot ? Any advisories? How long you owned it? any mechanical or electrical issues? Strong smooth power in each gear? Stays in gear with smooth changes? Service book? Any books? Two keys? Everything standard now? Etc etc

    A good advert, I know it’s a pain doing adverts, a clean bike for a start would help though, I like those blades I like yours, they still seem a modern cool bike to me.

    I’m not been critical I’m trying to help from a buyers perspective, I’d be tempted at a price to be honest, but the cat n is the problem obviously so a well presented bike with an hours worth of writing is probably required, to me I’d keep the bike surely you benefitted from your misfortune? It’s a lot of bike and you like it selling it and getting a monster won’t free up much brass.

    Oh and change the title? It’s now 4K or I’d put £3995 that looks a fair bit cheaper for 5 squid
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  10. Cheers for the tips, ill give the advert a rework this weekend. a lot of things happening at the moment so have only been able to put up quick posts etc.
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  11. I am presently in the market for a track bike so will bear your bike in mind whilst doing some searching.
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  12. I'll post up more details later today:upyeah:
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  13. Updated pics, more details when I get on the pc
    DSC_0067-1496x844.JPG DSC_0068-1496x844.JPG DSC_0062-1496x844.JPG DSC_0063-1496x844.JPG DSC_0065-1496x844.JPG DSC_0071-1496x844.JPG
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  14. Sorry for the delay guys, I've been away with work.
    After jumping back on the bike and a nice chunk of overtime pay to drop into the savings I've decided to keep her. It's too good a bike to part with. Cheers for the interest.
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