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For Sale 2010 Mts 1200 S Sport

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by baldy, Jul 12, 2019.

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  1. Below average condition, the paint is flaking off both engine cases, and on the inside of the swinging arm in front of the wheel. The side panels have scratches on both sides where the bike has fallen over at standstill, there are a few on the LHS headlight lens and there is some corrosion on the mirror mounts, (see photos).
    Mileage is 22,523 so needs an oil service, dash was changed with a used item earlier this year due to condensation causing problems with light bleed, the replacement (reading 18853 miles) is having some slight bleed on the engine and right indicator LEDs. When the left indicator is on both engine and right indicator LEDs will flash dimly and when the right indicator is on it will sometimes flash dimly itself if that makes any sense. The bike is booked in on Wednesday for the dash pin reset.
    The radiator was re-cored in 2017 due to internal collapse causing overheating and is OK now, tyres have 4mm rear and 3mm front.
    Serviced at 750, 5650, 10250, 14250 and 16480 miles, the oil and filter have been changed every year since. MOT until March 2020, he forks seals and oil were changed March this year, the forks have been dropped 20mm and the seat has been lowered and a gel pad insert so good for short-arses like me.
    The exhaust valve is disconnected (cable removed and lost) and a healtech fault eliminator fitted, carbon fibre bellypan, centre stand, exact battery cables, panniers and luggage rack arms (not givi rack in picture). Comes with red key and 3 luggage locks, please pm me if you have any interest. Thanks for looking.
    £ 4,250 P1010386.JPG P1010388.JPG P1010386.JPG P1010388.JPG P1010399.JPG P1010401.JPG P1010402.JPG P1010404.JPG P1010407.JPG P1010410.JPG P1010412.JPG P1010413.JPG
  2. I think I became depressed half way through your description.
    Good luck with the sale.
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  3. Fair play for being honest but you may have gone a bit OTT on the bad bits:confused:. There must be some good bits, even if it’s the price :).
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  4. I hope i have not been too brutal in my description, it is a terrific do anything ride, but if anybody is interested i did not want them to be disappointed if they see it.
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  5. Fair play to ya.
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  6. Bike now sold, could someone please close thread. Thanks, baldy.
  7. Thread closed
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