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For Sale 2011 Multistrada S

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by SP4S, Apr 26, 2020.

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    I have my eye on a 2016 DVT, the multi must go. Bought the bike October 2019 with 25,285 miles, not had the chance to ride it much since then, firstly i dont ride over winter and now this damn pandemic. Ive only done 500 miles in 6 months
    I viewed quite a few bikes before buying this one, eventually found this one in Derby, was worth the extra distance


    Supplied new by Ducati Manchester 03/03/2011
    Two previous owners, the last chap owned it from 2015 to October 2019, mainly used it for touring and summer journeys, no winter riding so no flaking paint/rust.

    08/07/2011 825 mile service Ducati Manchester
    30/06/2012 3,999 mile service Ducati Manchester
    30/08/2013 8,259 mile service Ducati Manchester
    05/09/2014 12,140 mile service Ducati Manchester
    17/04/2015 12,696 mile service CMC Stoke
    15/04/2016 16,596 DESMO service CMC Stoke
    31/05/2017 Replace fork seals CMC Stoke
    15/02/2018 21,754 Replace head bearings, oil and filter change
    02/03/2019 22,040 Brake/clutch fluids changed
    19/07/2019 25,262 Oil/filter service

    11/04/2014 9,479 MILES
    17/04/2015 12,694 MILES
    15/02/2016 16,956 MILES
    28/04/2017 18,636 MILES
    27/04/2018 21,766 MILES
    26/04/2019 22,478 MILES
    MOT DUE 03/05/2020
    Bike will be sold with 12 months MOT

    As can be seen from the pictures its a great bike that has been well cared for by the previous two owners, comes with everything you would expect with the S model:
    -riding modes
    -heated grips
    -centre stand
    -two charging points under the seat
    -Ducati luggage in excellent condition
    -R&G radiator/engine cover
    -LED bulbs fitted, amazing light from these, definitely no need for spots with these fitted
    -I have sprayed the heel guard and silencer covers with Plasti Dip, easily peels off when no longer needed
    -Navihalter Sat Nav holder also fitted, this will stay on the bike
    -Wind deflector, most definitely necessary due to buffeting
    -Leo Vinci de-cat pipe fitted, cost £319.00, bike sounds so much better
    -All manuals/service booklets present

    Top box and Givi rear bracket NOT included in sale and will be coming off.

    Tyres have lots of life left in them, chain and sprockets replaced last year

    As i mentioned earlier only selling due to upgrading to DVT model, otherwise i would have been happy to keep the bike

    Couriers still working, happy to accommodate viewings adhering to social distancing measure

    £6,000 ono

    07866 431883
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  3. Got one of those in December - for whoever is looking, this is an amazing bike and a great price too.
    I have always been into sport bikes and at the very stretch sport touring and this bike is really bluffing me. Can be as comfortable or total hooligan as you want. Such fun in any circumstances without the aches of sport bikes.
    Good luck with the sale.
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  4. Thanks Phil,
    I completely agree with you, i been on GS1200's for a couple of years as good as they are and very capable machines, they lack soul. BUt due to the build quality and reliability i stuck with them, afraid of Ducati's notorious electrical issues. I had a client whose multi spent more time in the dealer's workshop than it did on the road, the last straw was breaking down in Central France, he PX'ed for, you guessed it, GS1250
    This one is well sorted and been around Europe every summer since the previous chap's ownership. It really is amazing how it transforms from a daily commuter to a snarling beast within seconds.
    I believe i have priced it correctly, lots of NONE S model bikes without Ohlins etc are mid £6.5k
  5. Fingers crossed that I won't have issues then, though I have not heard much on the MTS. I had some STs in the past, one that I did 40,000 m on with no issues whatsoever. Another one had an electric issue. On MTS I have only heard of the dash going on early ones but most were fixed under warranty or were from the good batch. I have seen a few with big mileage as well when looking.

    Re BMW, I have heard of head bearings going on the GS. I had a F800 ST for commuting and it really never let me down. It was arguably a much better bike for commuting (narrower, lot less powerful, etc) but God it was dull. I would just go to work on it. With a Ducati, I am looking forward to the ride!
    I would also argue about build quality. The sump was pealing like I have never seen a Ducati do, the fork stanchions had to be refurbished (lot worse any any Ducati I did considerable higher mile on), some of the fasteners made of plasticine. So, yes it was good on electrics and essentials, but I was not so impressed on the fasteners and paint. When you work on your bike, there is nothing the annoys me more than a bolt rounding off on me. In my experience the fastener quality on Ducati is superior to even BMW and Honda. The worst is probably Suzuki (from bikes I owned and worked on).

    More to the point on an MTS, it certainly has reignited a slightly wild side, which the BMW had dulled up.
    Glad to be back on a Duc :)

    This is great value for money. Paid more for mine in the middle of winter.
    For anybody interested, this is certainly a hell of a good value bike for the money.

    I am beating the lockdown blues by dreaming of riding mine to World Ducati Week in 2021 ;-)
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  6. Thanks Phil
    I agree with you on pretty much everything re the bolts/fasterners on BMW's, terrible quality. its sometimes luck of the draw with bikes/cars, some run perfectly, others can be a pain from day one.
    Anyway, another pic with side panniers on. IMG_3291.jpg IMG_3292.jpg
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  7. When are you and Phil getting married ?
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  8. We haven’t set a date yet due to Covid 19, your all welcome to the reception afterwards. Small private affair.
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  9. I think @crbnmc might be interested in this.
  10. Ok mate. Feel free to pass on my details.
  11. Hi - I've seen it - unfortunately I'm looking for something with a little less milage :-(
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  12. Ok mate.
  13. bump, still for sale
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  14. Reduced to £5750. Serviced last July.
  15. Yes but they are great value and great bikes!!
  16. Thanks Pete. That will ward away silly offers, or ‘what is yr lowest price’ I’m not desperate to sell, happy to keep it.
  17. All the good older Ducs go back up in price
  18. I’m surprised it hasn’t sold, it’s a good price IMO. Sorry @SP4S much as I’d love to I’ve no room in my shed :(
  19. Sold, please close thread
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