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2013 Multistrada Chain And Sprocket

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by Dealy, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. Hi guys just got back from 2500 mile trip to Spain on multi and think time for new chain and sprockets can you all advise best route to go keep original DUCATI parts or aftermarket do mostly 2 up touring cheers
  2. After market. DID gold chain and Renthal or JRT sprockets, complete with a change of sprocket carrier so as the rear sprocket is quick release. No need to break the chain to remove sprockets, cush drives, rear wheel pins etc etc then.
  3. Hi thanks so with that I throw away original carrier with Cush drives etc and buy new carrier and chain and sprockets that then just bolt direct with no Cush drives is that correct ?
  4. Nope. You retain the cush drives, use them in the new carrier onto which the new sprocket and original rear sprocket flange bolt. The new sprocket can be removed without having to remove the flange and carrier.

    An after and a (very corroded) before below.

    On a 748 admittedly, not a multi, but Im sure they’re the same.
    D3A58937-86B1-41E3-B1BE-10362D0C00E5.jpeg 7AC490D6-CFF7-4D75-B62D-D3294188CA24.jpeg
  5. The difference is, on the original the carrier & rear sprocket are one piece, on the new, they’re two separate pieces.
  6. Ah cool see what it means now been looking on sites for prices and was wondering what they meant by split rear sprockets you cleared it up for me now so makes sense thanks for that will look at best deals for set cheers again
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  7. No doubt for me that the best chain I have had so far, and with still so much life left is Afam. So far on about 17000 miles, has only needed a few adjustments, and that is the first 5000 miles with no adjustment needed since. This will easily last double the DID chain I had, cannot remember the name of it but that was the top DID kit and Afam is pissing all over it. In my honest opinion DiD does not last any longer than much cheaper non branded chains.
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