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For Sale 2013 Multistrada S Touring

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by 636mick, Aug 8, 2019.

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  1. So, as the sale of my bike to a scammer didn’t happen, it’s up for grabs.

    It’s a 2013 Multistrada S Touring, skyhook suspension, heated grips, centre stand, crash bars, panniers as it’s the touring, Desmo service done at 14800, it now has 17500, that was done in April, all fluids, oil/filter, fuel filter, belts changed and valves done. New tyres about 2500 miles ago, Avon’s, it’s just done a trip to Italy to the factory, which is the main reason I bought the bike, 2050 miles with no issues, but the chain snapped 12 miles from home. This took out the crud catcher which has been replaced, but did no other damage so a new DID chain has been fitted.
    The panniers have a couple of boot scratches, no other marks, dents, rips anywhere on the bike.
    It had the battery cables changed to Exact Start ones when I got it, made a big difference to starting,
    Previous history, I’ve got 2 receipts for oil changes, the receipt for the Desmo service but nothing in the service book at all, although the receipts are probably more reliable proof, main key and red key, spare lock for a topbox to match the panniers, owners manual, MOT until April 2020
    Looking for £6250 seems a bit lower than most so maybe worth a look?? The bike is in Rugby or can be in Tamworth for viewing.
    Happy to pass a mobile number to anyone interested, or answer any questions, photo requests etc.
    Thanks for looking
    E1B75B1A-E94E-4A1C-847F-C7CF1CD00F33.jpeg F54CCF77-A7AF-495D-9956-2298A4BFC498.jpeg 74857662-B060-4B99-83C6-FB9D886E2FBA.jpeg F40596F4-FDA7-406F-B5A7-D1F280A0DD3B.jpeg B8B7AEEF-1C0F-453F-810D-FDE909BBB467.jpeg E2821FAE-9BDB-42A1-9CF8-654ABBD01ED5.jpeg 0E7DD57F-B3D0-4F34-9C98-53FF84257699.jpeg A4402577-971F-4E2C-A3DA-41C3F4715AC1.jpeg F4801AE5-7A79-49DB-B6E7-B94AC7034195.jpeg 23623EA6-41EF-4DCA-8FCA-08A9967C960C.jpeg 2D92E55F-3BDE-4717-9A9F-2F7A7C8E1166.jpeg
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  2. Looking at eBay I thought the price was about right, is it?
    How about £6400 or offers, anyone??
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  3. Ok send me your bank details and I will send over 10k. If you could then refund to me the difference
  4. what happened with the scammer? is there a thread?
  5. GLWS Im losing the will to live selling my multi, not even a scammer is interested
  6. Sounds good value at just over £6k. GLWS
  7. Recognise that crud catcher!
    Good luck with your sale.
  8. I traded my 2014 MY Multistrada in against a BMW S1000 XR at a BMW dealer.
    Was in excellent condition , had not long had a Desmo service, 15500 miles on clock.
    They gave me £8000 for it.

    I believe they finally sold it after nearly few months on the market for £8300

  9. To be honest, I’ve had very little interest, as others have said. Other than a scamming, lieing, cheating bunch from Macclesfield who, for some reason, cover up who they actually are, Ive had a couple of questions but no one has actually been to see it.
    No big deal for me, I don’t need to sell it, so it will probably be kept now until next year and either trade it in or try again.
    I suppose everyone may be on hols, or the rain puts people off, no idea, it was on eBay and was the cheapest one on there but still nothing.
    Shame, fantastic bike, but I change every year and this year was going to be a bigger change as I turned 60 recently and decided to stop touring, for now!! Due to that, I need a small commuter bike to get to work and then I will probably buy a convertible for a year or so.
    We will see,
  10. SOLD, subject to collection.
    Fingers crossed it all goes ahead.
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  11. Thread closed
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