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1200 2013 Valve Clearance Check

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by GTmorgan, Apr 7, 2021.

  1. Question for those that do their own valve clearance checks.
    Hi all, about to do my first 4V clearance check, I've done a couple of 2V's before and didn't find it too difficult. On the 2V's when the clearances were out you could put new split colletts in and quite often it would bring the clearances back into spec, does the same apply to the 4V's?
    Also, I rang my local dealer to check that they had a good supply of shims just in case I need some and unbelievably they don't have a full shim set!!?? They order what shims you require and that usually takes around two weeks! Perhaps they keep their shim set for in house servicing only but that seems a bit mad, so, any suggestions for shim stockists around the midlands area, preferably west mids or Worcestershire.

  2. Yes to the rings.
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  3. my understanding is that on later models (2015 on DVT ??) they were using a different metal type half ring / collett that made longer service intervals possible (30k desmo service on the dvt). One of the main wear points was the colletts / half rings getting squashed
  4. Half rings have same part number for dvt as non . So probably similar effect.
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