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1200 S 2014-2016 Monster Vs 2017 Onward ?

Discussion in 'Monster' started by Dubs, Aug 19, 2019.

  1. just throwing this out there....

    i had a spin on a stock 1200 a couple of months ago, and i really liked it. Apart from the really crappy steering lock, which almost caught me out, the bike was a hoot.

    anyway, last week i rang a guy re a 1200s , on a 2016 palte, deal was pretty much done, then someone gazmped me in the space of an hr at the same asking price. Wasnt meant to be so...

    i was doing some additional research as you do.

    My quesiton is: is it worth stumping up for the revised 2017 monster 1200s over the 2014-2016 S model ? I know its got a few more ponies, and the "fixed" the rear set issue etc.

    anyone upgraded from the 2014 monster to revised model ?

    i just cant be dealing with sportsbikes, head down bum up , as i dont mind riding in the rain / bad weather, sitting upright with oomph on tap is more appealing. It means i can go out for a hoon regardless of weather.


  2. The later S has better electronics and a quick shifter (which I hated when I borrowed an S for a week) and has the footrest issue sorted out as it now follows the R in style.

    Overall the later S is a great everyday Bike, if you want something a bit more “full on “ try an R... epic fun!
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  3. I've a 2016 model, and have never ridden a later model. As a slightly different view however, whilst all the comments refer to the 2017 model "fixing" the rear sets issue, I've never had a problem with those on my earlier model. Depends on your feet size and feet positioning I guess.
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  4. cheers , yeah kinda tough to decide, the earlier model is no slouch either, the "r" would be a bit fifddly for me - too highly tooned, id take the s, cheaper too , ta mate.

    in fairness i agree with you, the peg issue on the bike i rode wasnt too bad at all , but i like the idea of them being split.

    can i ask what mls you avg per tank through general riding ? im guessing it has to be well able for 150/160 mls based on tank size and engine ? Obviosuly it would go down with a heavy had. Any niggles with it at all ? tks.
  5. @Dubs I also had a standard 2016 1200 Monster and never had any issues with the pegs and my size 10 feet. I had the suspension professionally set up and found the handling and ride to be superb, if the S and R are even better then I`m pretty sure I wouldnt be able to exploit the difference.
    Brilliant all round bike , loads of grunt, stupid fast, comfortable and I regularly managed 150 -160 miles on a tank and even over 180 a couple of times.
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  6. tks @dukesox i wouldnt be one for bling kinda thing, so buying the S purely out of want if you get me, the few more torques The stock bike is certainly perfect, and i think if truth be known, after market suspension like ktech would be better than the ohlins - well they were on any bikes i rode with ktech.

    tank range sounds good, as id be up for a coupe of trips next yr if things pan out again ok.

    appreciate the input :upyeah:
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  7. Varies mileage wise, light usually comes on between approx 125 and 140 miles, which usually leaves about 3.5 litres left. No fuel guage on the earlier ones, but I don't miss one.

    Bought my non S as an ex demo with 1300 miles on the clock. I've since added 9k, and just changed the tyres for the 2nd time. Only item it's had other than routine servicing was a new front disc (plus pads, obviously) caused by warping, which I managed to get a small contribution towards from Ducati as it was out of warranty. That was still pricey though.
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  8. Pretty much what he said.
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  9. Go with the R and forget about the S.....
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  10. thanks for the responses etc....

    i got duped / gazumped by a dealer on a 1200s when a deal was more or less done, someone else came in the door and put a deposit down , while i was to call back to pay a deposit, it all happened within an hr. Yes i was ****ing spewing. Ahh well...

    the upshot, i have gone and sourced myself a 749s mono , not a monster i know, right time , right place maybe.

    M1200S is still on the cards for the future.

    :upyeah: :upyeah:

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