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2015 Gsxr Or Gen 1 S1000rr?

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by bradders, Jul 26, 2020.

  1. Given budget, both are in reach as my second bike.

    Gixer has no bells or whistles, but can be added aftermarket, Beemer has all bells and whistles

    Both probably tracked. Both probably wheelied! Both probably quite a few owners.

    Which would you buy and why? I believe `gen 1 gearboxes were an issue, but like IMS on 996 Porsche suspect the noise is more than the fact!

    How many miles to too many miles?

    Gixer is known territory, never been too sure of aftermarket TC and its ability to do the job that well.
  2. The GSXR will probably be cheaper and easier to maintain. From my personal experience I wouldn't waste your money on aftermarket TC.

    What's the budget?

    ZX10R ?
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  3. The beemer and gixer fit my frame better. Probably 7k ish...
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