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1200 DVT 2015 Multistrada Value

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Nottsbiker, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I'm looking to sell my 1200 DVT but don't have a clue how much its currently worth. Obviously I've looked on Bike Trader / Ebay etc and found a wide range of prices and when I spoke with the local Ducati dealership manager their buy in prices came in quite high (they were fully stocked) but I suspect that they might have quoted me their trade-in amounts rather than straight forward buy-in.

    My best estimate private is approx. £8k for the following spec;

    2015 DVT-S (Red)
    Very good condition
    10k miles
    Full service history including fresh MOT
    Touring pack - panniers, centre stand and heated grips
    Rear rack and base plate
    Summer / non-salty use only / garage kept

    I'd obviously like to get as much as possible but don't want to be hanging around for ages to make an extra 250 quid etc.

    All help gratefully received!


    PS just in case anyone asks - I've got an M900 I want to build up as the Mutley just isn't my scene and I've barely used it since 2018, doing a total of 2,000 miles mainly to Normandy and back with the GF
  2. A main dealer would only offer you a price underwritten by a trader. Despite the mileage, your bike would be considered too old for them to put in their own showroom so yes, the money offered would not be great. As dealer offerings look to average about £10k and nothing of a similar age recently sold on eBay, I don’t think you are far off the mark. GLWS. Andy
  3. Thanks - they would have bought it but are jammed with stock right now

    Great to know price-wise for private

    Any ideas where to sell?

  4. That is the million dollar question. I last time I bought a bike privately, I found what I wanted through the Motor Cycle News web site. The seller seemed to avoid most of the time wasters and tyre kickers you get on eBay. Not used the Auto Trader but again you seem to get your fair share of muppets. Fallback is always sale or return through your local dealer but if they are rammed with stock, not sure that they would be obliging. Andy
  5. i've done loads of looking about recently for a used Multi, i think 8k sounds like an "i want to sell it price" and it would sell well, right time of year too, i paid more for a 2013 PP with similar milage but form a main dealer. Private sale with good history it sounds attractive to me.
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  6. You can always advertise it on here (if you subscribe)
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  7. Now stop this selling malarkey, I have told the wife I won’t be buying another bike but I keep looking at the new 1260GT with a view to px mine in but no idea of its worth.

    I must not be tempted.
    I must not be tempted.
  8. What she said :)
  9. I do subscribe, but what if somebody wants it?
    I have to go to the dealer with spondulicks and buy another, the wife will kill me.
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  10. Think I was a subscriber to be fair - must have expired without me noticing it! Assumed it auto renewed every year like my car or bike insurance...

    Funnily enough I did buy the bike from someone on this very forum hence why I asked where to sell as I didn't even go through a dealer or major website to find her. Before that it must be donkeys years since I looked for a high value bike online.

    My main desire is to sell swiftly at a sensible price with the least amount of aggro and the lowest theft risk I can mitigate - could be asking for too much though I guess! ;)

  11. 18m ago I got 9k for mine. Same miles & an s
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  12. Depends on where you go.

    If you change brands, you may get more. I was offered £7.5k for a good bike from Ducati, however, BMW were going to offer £8.7k to switch. That was 6 months ago.
  13. Dvt 1200 on a 15 and the S model for £9k?

    Hmm now that makes sense and I am more tempted.
  14. Ducati Glasgow have my prev 2015 1200S for sale at £8995 just now. 21.8k on the clock.
  15. yes, trade in. Offered on here at the time (this was 18m ago) and no interest...if selling on here, add 20% to real value ;)
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  16. Thanks. Currently have a busted rib and in agony, when it’s sorted I will put it up for sale to gauge reaction and if all goes well then I will get a new muttley. How I am going to hide it in the garage without her indoors finding out is another thing.
  17. Ducati told me buy-in would be around the £8k mark and retail would be near £10k. To be honest I didn't think that the amount they might have paid was too bad - if they'd have had the space I'd have seriously considered this "offer"
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  18. Remember, it is better to ask for forgivness than permission :p
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  19. Just buy one in the same colour. That worked for my old boss, he went from a 125 to 500 ISTR, his wife didn't notice.
  20. @Nottsbiker Have you tried Wewantyourmotorbike.com ? I have used them once and got what I felt was a fair price and a very good service. I described the bike accurately on an email to them as well as by phone, listing flaws such as paint chips and a back tyre on the limit so when they arrived to inspect there was no chipping away at what they had offered.
    I know some on here really dont like this type of bike buying company but in my very limited experience this lot performed. I tried a couple of others who both offered very much less so worth checking around.
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