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1200 R 2016 With 1400 Miles - Do I Need To Change My Belts??

Discussion in 'Monster' started by Richard Oldfield, Mar 18, 2020.

  1. I bought a 2016 R in October 19 with 1204 miles on the clock. Due to breaking my wrist soon after purchase the bikes done 1400 miles now.
    I recall from when I owned a 2013 795 that the belts had to be changed every 24 months.

    Is it still the case that the belts need a change every 2 years?
  2. I would say they could just do with being checked if it's been sat a long time. It's just as important that the idlers haven't just rotten out (mine were starting to look rusty just from being in a less than perfect garage for 12 months with little use). As Android says, the manual states much longer on these engines than the 2 year, but if you have the money for a good indy to do it, I personally would.
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  3. I second this. I have a tensioner that’s gone stiff and it’s wearing material off the belt rapidly and building a rubbery powder up inside the covers. Definitely want to catch that early.
  4. Could you slip a couple more euphemisms in there please.
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  5. I would change them.
    If the bike is not used fairly frequently then things deteriorate, including the belts.
    You are going to have the time to do it after all.
  6. Ahaha ;)
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  7. Belts and labor maybe £120? Great insurance against the damage a failed belt could cause. Peace of mind invaluable.
  8. Agree with Jez, it’s not a lot of money and it’s not every year, do it you’ll feel better!.
  9. Thanks for the advice folks!! Just got the bike back today from a full service at the local independent. Belts changed, all fluids changed, full brake service, & all over inspection.
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  10. Good move Richard, could I ask how much that cost?.
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