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2017 Monster S Problems

Discussion in 'Monster' started by hic2wo, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Hello just collected my brand new monster 1200s yesterday and had a couple of issues , Pouring of rain on way home from dealers ! Done about 100 miles today and all the switchgear stopped working , only starter would operate . It has done this twice now in 100 miles, notoced in the garage tonight it done it again but this time after pressing the horn everything burst into life ! The other problem is getting it into neutral when stopping when engine running but suspect this is more to do with running it in. My dealer will be excellent about it when i phone them but just curious if anyone else has had similar issues .
  2. I have a 2017 Monster 1200.

    Had the tricky neutral thing, but not the electrical issues. I found sticking it in neutral when coasting to a stop was a lot easier than stopping, then trying to find neutral. I would stop, put it in first, then when I tried to push up gear lever to get neutral, felt stiff and would go straight past neutral into second. Has got better with more miles.
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  3. Selecting neutral got better with time for me but, even now with 15k miles on her, occasionally neutral can be hard to find. Also when new, very occasionally the neutral light didn't come on even though it is in neutral ( actually happened on the test ride). A gentle tap on the lever makes it light up.

    One time I found a false neutral going from 5th to 6th that the bike didn't seem to want to come out of. I think I had to down change.
  4. I have found a few false neutrals going between 5th and 6th, but its getting better now.
  5. Thanks for the replys , finding neutral slightly easier but intermittently switches not operating . Will call dealer tommorow and hopefully nothing serious on a brand new bike .
  6. MyDucati experience is not going so well so far , Purchased nearly 2 weeks ago and as my last post stated having small electrical problems . Have had 2 small runs on bike and bike is still in dealers not repaired as we speak .I have never been so deflated after buying a new bike , I lusted after this bike and after paying out 14.5k dont even have a courtesy bike , I will keep updating when problem rectified. In all honesty i want a new bike but dont know my rights regarding this .
  7. Have had same neutral issues as you and also picked mine up in rain and it rained for next two weeks but no electrical issues. Neutral gets easier with more miles on it. Mine now has 1200 miles on it and 400 have been in the wet.Which dealer did you use.
  8. Have you told the dealer you want a new one ?
  9. Problems finding neutral are caused by clutch drag
    It's interesting that it should improve over time, does the problem get worse as the motor warms up??
  10. I have a Multistrada Enduro and the neutral thing is also what my bike does, I think it's just a Ducati thing do you get used to after you get to know the bike. Also get a few false neutrals in between gears further up the box but I think that's more to do with me not concentrating enough and the bike giving me a nudge!
  11. Slack chain worsens the gearbox so getting the chain tension right will help the gearchanges. :upyeah:
    Also position the lever carefully as it seems to have a long 'throw' so it only just goes in one way or the other. I adjust mine by seeing which change is causing most grief and adjusting the link so there is less movement in that direction.

    But it is not a Suzuki/KTM standard of gearchange :)
  12. Mate, you wanna be down there bashing doors and demanding a courtesy bike !! ;)
  13. Chain tension does affect change quality. It does need to be right.
    Ducati clutches do not all drag and cause problems finding neutral. If it does, get the supplying dealer to fix it.
    Mine doesn't drag at all but then I set it up myself.
    Do your bikes have a cable or hydraulic clutch? Is it wet or dry?
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  14. Update on my Monster , It has been returned and has had a new wiring harness which had been causing the intermittent fault . In the interim after a short wait my Dealer sent another 1200 sport courtesy bike for me to use. It seems that August is a bad month to get parts from the factory . So after a bad start all is perfect now and the bike is everything i hoped it would be.
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  15. Glad you're sorted. Nothing left now but to enjoy
  16. The factory is reputedly closed for pretty much the whole of August.
    Really riles the Americans, who only ever get 2 weeks off for a whole year - allegedly...
  17. Can any of you help me with a question. I've an 821 Monster, great bike but I'm thinking of upgrading to the 1200s. The only 2 things I'd complain about are the foot pegs (solved on the 1200) and the 821 is a bit lumpy / snatch at low revs less than 3000rpm which is ok but as I commute alot I'd like to know if the 1200 is any smoother?
    I will test ride anyway but any feedback would be appreciated.
  18. The M1200S is an awesome bike, I really like it. No issues with low-down fuelling and plenty of grunt to it as well.

    My only concern is that really wide radiator and how it would fare if the bike went over.
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