2019 Lincolnshire & Yorkshire Meets And Rides Out Thread.

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  1. Well it is that time of year again folks... 2018 proved to be another great year where the Lincolnshire Ride Out's and Meets thread was pretty popular and there were many successful meets and ride out's arranged through it in 2018 too (let's not mention the less successful ones where a certain Panigale and 1098R played funny buggers!)

    I have decided to extend this year's thread to include Yorkshire as it appears our neighbouring county counterparts also like getting in on the action each year and also organising/hosting some great meets and rides out too :)

    The 1198 is remaining in semi-retirement for the time being and I've decided to have another season on the Tricolore this year. Both the Panigale and Monster are currently at Italia Moto having a good once over, serviced and a couple of other little bits we wanted doing to each too...

    There are a couple more bits and pieces I want to get sorted before the new season gets under way properly but everything looks like it's on track again for us this year and the bikes will be in fine fettle and ready to go as soon as the weather plays ball and warms up a bit ;)

    Included below are some details of Lincolnshire and Surrounding Area's Regular Bike Nights and Meets for those who aren't familiar with the regular days/nights. I will update the list throughout the year if people would like others adding on :upyeah:

    2nd June 2019 - Italian Car and Motorcycle Day (Newby Hall, North Yorkshire) Annual Event/Meet

    15th June 2019 - Lincolshire Italian Motorcycle Festival (Lincs Aviaton Heritage Centre) Annual Event/Meet

    1st Wednesday of the month - Squires Café (LS25 5LX - April Onwards) East Yorks DOC Meet

    2nd Tuesday of the month - Roal Oak Inn, Snitterby (DN21 4TP) Lincolnshire Ducati Meet

    3rd Wednesday of the month - Goodmanham Arms (YO43 3JA) East Yorks DOC Meet

    Every Wednesday - Willingham Woods Kiosk, Market Rasen (LN8 3RQ) General Bike Night

    Every Thursday - Royal Oak, Tickhill (DN11 9HZ) General Bike Night

    Every Thursday (April - September) - The Waterfront Inn, West Stock with (DN10 4ET) General Bike Night

    2nd & 4th Wednesday of the Month - Plough Inn, South Leverton (DN22 0BT) General Bike Night

    Look forward to hearing from you all and meeting up with fellow owners again this year!

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  2. Here is the place to keep an eye out @GEM :upyeah:
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  3. Lincs planes & tings looks interesting. Be good to take the 899 up north.
  4. Don't forget the evenings at the Oak in Snitterby too, 2nd Tuesday of the month. Not much of a ride for me though, more of a walk over... :)
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  5. The East Kirkby jobs are always good. If you've not been to one before then seeing the Lancaster fired up and hearing the four Merlins chugging away is pretty ace.
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  6. Will be taking my Norton V4 there this year and hopefully have it stood under the Lancaster for a photo.
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  7. We've arranged for the Lancaster to be set up specifically for photo opportunities. Individuals and groups will be able to take some great pictures of their machines with this iconic plane.
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  8. That's great.Who do I need to contact to arrange a photo.Chris
  9. Thanks for that, always forget about this one for some reason :thinkingface: Now added to the list though:upyeah:
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  10. Good idea, would be great to get a forum Picture this year :upyeah:

    Will have to check my rota and see if we can get another gathering arranged from here again this year.
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  11. Ref photos, there's no need to book ahead for these. We envisage two lengthy periods during the event when riders can put their machines in front of the Lancaster. When we have the timetable worked out, I'll post it on our website, here and in the main Festival topic.

    For those that want a truly memorable photo of their motorcycle with the Lancaster we hope to have a professional photographer at the event. I'll confirm nearer the time.
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  12. 2694919350926539292.jpg
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  13. Thanks for the diary reminders Ben.
    I should be at Snitterby and East Kirkby, and some of the Goodmanham nights.
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  14. Actually yes, bit graceless not to thank you for compiling these. Nice job Ben, thank you! :)
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  15. Got it followed! :upyeah:
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  16. First post updated to include Newby Hall Italian day.
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  17. I would really like to join in this year, so I'll keep an eye on this thread:upyeah:
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  18. Event topic updated with the timetable etc. https://www.ducatiforum.co.uk/threads/lincs-italian-motorcycle-festival-saturday-15th-june.66987/
  19. Good stuff Ben,
    We will be organising a run down to the Lancaster event from the East and North Yorks DOC GB branches as well as arranging a show area for Ducati at Newby Hall. see you there!
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