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2019 Multistrada 1260s Misfire Under Full Throttle

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by Pez_85, Apr 26, 2022.

  1. Afternoon all

    need some advise i have a 2019 1260s multistrada with 14000ish miles which has developed a misfire only when the bike is warm and you try to use full throttle.

    when you try to open the throttle fully to accelerate it boggs wont increase its revs and back fire repeatedly. when you first start and ride it it will accelerate with full throttle no issue and when its warm if you roll on with less than 10 to 15% it will rev out no issue. #

    I spoke to my local dealer and they said it was the exhaust valve or servo that was the issue, they said to disconnect the system and try it. I have tried this today and again sadly this has failed to fix the issue.

    anyone ever had this issue ? or any ideas ?
  2. You disconnected it - but did you lock the valve in the OPEN position?
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  3. Front HT leads are prone to failing, especially if you've ridden much in the wet.
  4. Hi yes wired it open
  5. Ok ill check that as I've don't 5000 miles since December so ridden alot it the wet
  6. Cam belts been replaced?
  7. There not due till 18000 I have noticed today that I seem to be down on MPG and overall range per tank of fuel is down so thinking more that's its over fueling so a sensor or fuel pump
  8. My Enduro has exactly the same issue. Intermittent bogging/kangaroo-ing when warm at 1/2 - 2/3rds throttle that has been getting progressively worse. On the way back to the dealer yesterday it started backfiring under load and the engine management light came on. I’m happy that it did as they should see a fault when they hook it up to diagnostics. I’ll post what fault they find once I know.
  9. Could be one of the
    possibly Mass Airflow Sensor will cause lumpy running and loss of mpg but would expect a engine error light on the dash for that?

  10. Hi yes that sounds similar to mine will be interesting to see what your dealer says is the problem.
  11. The more I ride it the more I think its going to be a sensor somewhere frustratingly my dealership can't get me in till the 25 May so have nearly another whole month of riding around the fault ‍♂️
  12. I don’t have the bike back yet but the dealer says it’s the exhaust valve. I’m not entirely convinced that’s the issue. I think the exhaust valve fault happened on the way back to the dealer to investigate the high rpm fault where new symptoms appeared (runs like crap above 4000rpm all the time, backfiring + engine management light). I suspect when I collect it next weekend it will be the same on the way home. Can’t see how a seized exhaust valve would give an intermittent high rpm issue. It feels more like a soft limiter or ignition related. I’ll have test it but at least one issue should be resolved. Any more joy with yours?
  13. Hey
    Thanks for the update I was told the same by my dealer but I'm having to wait till the 25th May as thats the earliestthey can get it in.
    For now I have bought an exhaust valve servo delete from healtec and wiring open the valve it's self. To start with it made sod all difference and was still having the same issues. So as a last resort I've tried running some E5 with injector cleaner mixed in through the last two tanks of fuel and that seems to have improved the issue to the point where its gone back to intermittent. I guess I'll have to wait till 25th and see what they say...
  14. Well, I was due to collect the bike today but they took it for a shake down yesterday and the original fault is still there so it’s back in bits.

    Could your issue be a side stand switch breaking down? Easy way to tell/rule out is a small piece of wire to link it out on the connecting plug. This was going to be my next port of call if it faulted out after I picked my bike up.
  15. Interesting idea I have a look but it feels more fuel related to me but at this point I'll try anything.
  16. Interesting idea I have a look but it feels more fuel related to me but at this point I'll try anything.
  17. If it backfires whilst bogging it sounds like ignition because unburnt fuel is igniting in the exhaust.
  18. I'm told it’s fixed. Problem with mine was the front cylinder HT lead and the gear position sensor (not sure how that would affect it). They seem confident and I pick the bike up on Saturday. I’ll let you know how it goes.
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  19. Yep, running like a dream. Over 100 miles today and no issues.
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  20. Hi mate apologies for the delay in replying very interesting what they found in the end with your bike... I've made a note as mine is going in on Wednesday finally for them to look at it, so hopefully they will find the same issue and get it sorted. I will give you an update once I get some feed back. Cheers with your help with this issue
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