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2020 Forum Germany Trip 09-14 April

Discussion in 'Touring' started by bradders, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Rough plan. Leave Blighty Thursday on Chunnel, rapid ride to Cochem, hotel Noss for a bed and breakfast, @Pete1950 knows loads of routes and I know a few. Rapid ride back Tuesday. BH Fri and Mon hopefully help a few to gain suitable pass...

    I need to check accommodation etc so can I get a yes or very likely yes from anyone interested so `I can sort basic numbers. We had 12 or 13 to Ardennes, and managed to keep together well enough (well the two days I was riding!) so numbers anywhere between 4 and 12 workable. Also, anyone who fancies their own ride no problem, a larger group helps people to feel they can do their own thing too....

    Tunnel £88 return at the mo, 1020 out, 1750 return.


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  2. Everyone does the B500. Watch for speed cameras. :eyes:
  3. Think that’s further south than the plan
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  4. Probably. Maybe. :upyeah:
    Though might not do full time in Cochem. I have a cunning plan that involves Parc Naturel Haut Jura!
  5. I have never done place-to-place on a bike. I’d be up for looking at that, but may put others off.
  6. Can be good. Hard to organise with numbers though.
  7. Yes, I'm up for this. In fact I might go to Cochem anyway, regardless who else does or not. Health permitting, of course.
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  8. Other option could be a trip later in the year too. I am on the verge of back into perm role, so I won’t be able to buy that panigale r but I will have to take 28 days holiday pa ;)
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  9. Think I will be doing something later in the year with Jay. It will be centred around Alps/South East France, maybe a bit Italy and the Saint Bernard passes. Tbc...
  10. Wife is away end July for 2 weeks, was planning to drive to Poland to meet her for a tour back...another trip may be squeezed in...
  11. Yerp I‘m in :D
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  12. I could do 8th - 13th (Wed - Mon) but not 9th - 14th. Would that suit everyone else?
  13. You can leave and travel home early, or late, or whatever you want @Dave . There's no rule that everybody has to go, or return, together as a party.
    So if you want to travel home on 13th, just do it. Others may join you, or they may not.
  14. Understood @Pete1950 and I’ve done it before, but truth be told for me much of the attraction is the camaraderie.

    Could we do 8th - 13th (Wed - Mon) instead of 9th - 14th (Thurs - Tues)?

    What do y’all say?
  15. Im flexible on dates but might only do three nights in Cochem.
    Its close to 700 miles for me, so to make it interesting looking at some twisty roads there, and back. Pushes it out to a two day journey in each direction.
  16. I’m flexible
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  17. 8-13 is fine for me. But perhaps some guys might struggle to get off work as early as the Wednesday. How about settling for 9-13, so four nights in Cochem?
  18. That’d be fine by me. I’m easy either way. Just need to be back on Monday 13th.
  19. I’m good for 10-12th , so would need the hotel for 2 nights:eek::zzz:
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  20. @bradders So are we ready to settle on definite dates and times for Tunnel and Hotel? Would like to get on and book soon.
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