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Featured 1260 3 Day, 779 Mile Northern California Redwoods Trip ...

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by john clelland, Apr 23, 2021.

  1. CA-36, CA-101 Redwoods moto trip ... a few more photos from the 779 mile loop ridden last week, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. 176586204_10220460553329790_8991448082788195263_n.jpg 174322065_10220437036941895_3948575350237003774_n.jpg 174471984_10220437037101899_6338065802838015653_n.jpg 174782714_10220437037661913_4462872820107998148_n.jpg 175032844_10220437039101949_3266738109376732433_n.jpg 175042400_10220437038621937_296348285599513182_n.jpg 175051713_10220448853157293_6288852369093094430_n.jpg 175171594_10220448853677306_7024353265969839878_n.jpg 175320093_10220437039421957_2465697121410818785_n.jpg 175348716_10220448854277321_5042079279784209135_n.jpg 175371444_10220437038341930_6757654096406418637_n.jpg 175424399_10220437037821917_2053813568953520082_n.jpg 175530411_10220448854357323_6648643891583791634_n.jpg 175614173_10220448853477301_5107121404585922280_n.jpg 175617765_10220448853397299_5104943939981173174_n.jpg 175644315_10220448852797284_4220942304008317163_n.jpg 175764461_10220448851957263_7492824465661274357_n.jpg IMG_9384.jpeg IMG_9402.jpeg
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  2. Looks like a great ride. It's what Multis were built for. :upyeah:
  3. You’re so lucky to have so much country to ride in.

    I can’t wait for Europe to open up again..
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  4. Looks fab, what’s the story with confusion hill?
  5. Nice run, good coffee in Point Reyes Station. You live in Cupertino? Just up the road from our MP5 office in Sunnyvale, lovely bit of the world! :cool:
  6. Excellent pics. What’s hogwash?
  7. Nice trip! I lived on a little dirt road off CA-36 from 1975-83. Brings back some memories.
  8. Worth it just to see the trees. The coastal road looks great on the map is it as unspoilt as it looks?
  9. Great trip! I like reading the maps. Didn’t realise there was a Durham over there :):upyeah:
  10. What a trip! :upyeah:
  11. Good for you.
    We are still stuck in England and no sign of them ending the madness.
    Lucky you have a big state to tour round.
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