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3 Years Old Today - Happy Birthday Panigale!

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by Ian, Sep 20, 2019.

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    It’s the Panigales birthday today - I celebrated with a 150 mile ride and clocked up the 10,000 mile - and then a few more! (This wasn’t engineered to happen today - just coincidence!)
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  2. It’s just occurred to me - I may start a fight about where the DTC and DWC should be set. Yes, I’m on 4 when Im in sport mode. It doesn’t intrude too much. Ok?
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  3. Nice going :) I think I was close to that mileage on my first 1299S after three years of track work and a tour to Southern Italy :)
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  4. its nice to see stuff like that. It makes me sad when someone has had xyz for five years etc and proud that it's only done an average of about five hundred miles a year.

    Where did you go in the south?
    did you use the passes or the tunnel through the alps?
    How did you find it, did the locals give you a nice reception?
  5. When I bought my first (an 1198 in 2012) there was a 2 years old (I think it was two!!) 1198SP in the showroom alongside it. It had 60 miles on it as I remember.
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  6. We avoided Switzerland since its a horrible place to ride if you like to go quickly (beautiful otherwise). We went France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, into Italy via Stelvio Pass and Como, then down via Bologna (Ducati Factory), Perugia, Bari. Then headed across to Naples and back up through Turin into France. There's a thread I put up on here about three or four years back.
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