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Featured 35 Years Owning 11 Bmw's

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by NineNineSix, May 2, 2021.

  1. Hi All, just passed my 60th birthday and bought my first RED Italian.
    Riding since 1986, owned 11 BMW's and 1 Honda, still owning 2 BMW R1150RS.
    Having ridden more than 450.000 km on a motorbike, 14 years commuting 120 km a day without owning a car.
    Not to fond getting on the bike when it rains nowadays , but hey , if it protects me from being in a traffic jam.... I will consider.

    27 years ago.. 1994 ... I saw the 916 at the Dutch Motorshow @ Rai exhibition centre and I immediately fell in love ... however....
    I just bought a brand new BMW R 1100 RS... half a year before
    Great bike, took me and my wife all over Europe... Stayed wit BMW for the next 27 years and I am still happy with my 2 1150 's

    The saying goes: "never meet your heroes", F**K It , I did.

    First Ducati for me ever, went for the "9" series, simple proven technology, no digital farkles, just a pure bike , same as the BMW 1100/1150 series.
    Newer BMW 1200's and the later Ducati's are beyond me...
    I want oldskool and feel/ride a bike by the seat of my pants, without interfering digital systems.
    ABS? sure! would be nice option, but I survived 450k without..
    I have been in 4 or 5 dire situations during my life on a bike, all without damage.

    So I bought my first Italian trouble maker,

    No ABS, No traction control, No catalytic converter, No O2 sensor, just a basic 20 year old bike with 27.000 km and a complete service history.

    Riding the first 25 km home from the dealer..
    OK ... this is not what you are used to riding a BMW from the 90's.
    twitchy, nervous, rear brake sucks, front brake WOW! ,
    torque... AMAZING!
    And the BMW's aren't bad, believe me...
    I need another 1500 km to get used to this Italian Beauty .

    After another 50km ride, got back on the BMW 2001"sport touring" just to compare...
    ..the BMW feels like a luxury tourer now.. The 996 is screaming and begging me to twist the throttle ... Will do! Cheers!

    DUc-996-2001- - 1.jpeg

    DUc-996-2001- - 2.jpeg

    DUc-996-2001- - 3.jpeg

    DUc-996-2001- - 4.jpeg

    DUc-996-2001- - 5.jpeg

    DUc-996-2001- - 6.jpeg

    DUc-996-2001- - 7.jpeg

    DUc-996-2001- - 8.jpeg

    DUc-996-2001- - 9.jpeg

    DUc-996-2001- - 10.jpeg
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  2. Welcome awesome choice
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  3. Groeten!
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  4. Welcome and enjoy. Leuk fietsje!
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  5. Compared to a BMW RS... it really is a "fietsje" ("tiny/small bike") I need to get used to this baby... over 400K on boxers... this feels completely new to me when cornering.... a totally different but great feel!
    Less than 100 km on a Ducati.. I need another 900 km to get comfortable and feel what a Ducati is really capable of, so far so good, cheers !
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  6. Veel plezier toegewenst, een nieuwe verslaving is gearriveerd!
  7. Welcome. Great introduction.
  8. And no bin in sight :(
    Lovely bike though

    welcome into our mad house
  9. Now that you have turned 60 or 50 plus VAT. you really need to start getting some kilometres under your belt.Obviously not really been trying. Only 11 BMWs and less than 500k done,commuting mileage! Get your leathers on. My Pizza delivery boy does more on his moped.
    You were a late starter so you should be getting used to motorcycles soon.

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  10. Grappig hoeveel Nederlanders hier zitte. :)

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  11. Lovely
    Welcome to the forum
  12. 25 years later 16 bikes 11 years Bmw working 5 years trackside listening to Ducati twins watching foggy I now have 2 dukes a v2 and 1260 love the twin thank you covid for making me realise life is too short to wait
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  13. Translated: "Grappig hoeveel Nederlanders hier zitten" > Kinda funny how many Dutch populate this forum"

    @SEBASTIAAN : Yup, the Dutch forums have IMO lesser moderation, the subscribers seem to be less knowledgeable, because of less posters, NL is a small country and most of the Dutch are proficient in English and this shows in the "quality" of the "Dutch only" replies . I prefer to come here and use "the wisdom of the crowd" the more participants the better. Just my 2 cents... having been on the internet since 1991... using a DOS browser. cheers! Frank
  14. My neighbour came to me asking what bike I just bought, she wanted to jump it, she told me after hearing the sound, "me or the bike" was my first question.

    "the bike buddy" Hmmmm ok.....second ride of my life on a Ducati a motorcopper stopped me because of the "noise" ... that's not noise, that's MUSIC! your Government issued BMW makes noise... Big smile, nice conversation and a warning to put some dB killers in
    He told me: It's the yuppies complaining in this area, not the oldies, they are deaf anyway... Long story short, Cops on bikes are Bikers, be nice to them!
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  15. We are not deaf, just develop the fine art of not listening unless it's a Ducati on full chat. Then we listen:)
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