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360bhp Mini

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Robarano, Feb 16, 2020.

  1. Talented young lad. :)

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  2. Scan_Pic0005_01.JPG

    My Mini, not quite his HP, but god mine was fast round corners and stop on a sixpence.
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  3. I’d seen the mini one before , very talented lad. This 3 wheeler below is hysterical
  4. When I was into “running what you brung” in the 70s, there was a chap running a straight 6 Jaguar powered mini called Panic Wagon. A real feat of engineering but I was always never sure I’d want to have the gearbox between my legs. Andy
  5. Very good, how doe's a 22 year old afford to do this!!
    In my younger days the mod to do was fit a ford crossflow engine into the mini, there was adapter plates made to drop the ford engine onto the mini gearbox.
  6. Dead right Steve, the BDA engine......sat on a straight cut 1275S gearbox.

    ...mine had four Amal concentric carbs with ram pipes facing the front.....actually they stuck out of the bonnet. (I couldn't afford Weber DCOEs at the time).

    Took quite a while to invent a modification to the bonnet that kept the crap out, but actually looked good as well.
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  7. If 360bhp isn't enought for you, how about the full Vindaloo 500bhp version? :eek:


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