1200 DVT 37l Givi Outback Trekker Panniers & 58l Top Box

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  1. Just a word of warning to anyone considering this combination, the pannier lids can't hinge up far before hitting the top box.

    Edit: They of course can be installed the other way round and then the lids are flexible enough to just graze the top box. Not ideal, but it works. Thanks 636mick! Doh!


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  2. I saw this happening so went for the 42l top box. My problem is the Ohlins suspension pre load adjuster fouls the frame some I’m making a bracket to reposition it. Also to let people know, the 950 bracket doesn’t help this either.
  3. They do look smart on the multi though don’t they :) much better than the plastic offering from Ducati.
  4. Yeah, I had a suspicion too, but I couldn't find any way to verify it. I already had the 58 so just ran with it. So the adjuster bracket supplied by Givi is only for the 950?
  5. I like them a lot. I'll miss the clean look of the OEMs when they're off, but I think these will be staying on most of the time.

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  6. You may be able to turn the panniers round so the hinge is towards the front of the bike. As the lids are removable they will twist to miss the box and remain open and attached.
    That’s how I overcame it on my Triumph and I’m guessing the Multi won’t be too different
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  7. Well spotted! It's not ideal, but it works. Thanks for that.
  8. out of interest, how have you mounted the top box? I have the sw motech plate and givi adapter, but i'm not impressed with how much the top box rocks back and forth
  9. Yes that's the setup I have. It does move quite a lot when you're on the road (and after having a Ducati OEM box fall off my 13 GT I was constantly checking my mirrors at first), but The hardware is rock-solid, and the rubber bugs are double the size of other Givi ones I've seen, and that's where all the movement is. I've done about 8,000 miles of heavily loaded touring and there have been no issues. The SW motech rack is pricey, but it's a really high quality bit of kit.
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  10. i was going to order the givi parts from ducati for the plastic top box as it has the bars underneath for extra security, but i'll try and hold out
  11. I was a bit worried about the sub-frame with this huge top box (I call it the dog coffin) So far there's no sign of any issues, and I've done some serious miles with it. Much like they all state very low weight limits, I think the support bars are just mandated by an abundance of caution on Ducati's part. Having said that, having the Givi side-frames on now it would probably be very easy to make up some braces to them if you were worried.
  12. Did you manage to get / make a bracket for this. What was the issue with the 950 bracket?
  13. o_O Sorry I couldn't disagree more strongly, but then beauty is in the eye of the beholder as the saying goes! :mask:
  14. I have them AND I agree with you. The OEM panniers are prettier and the frame-less design is great when they're off the bike, but they're not nearly as practical IMO.
  15. In terms of practicality, I think you might well be right there :upyeah:
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  16. They are ok until you go into the hotel lobby with them , They think Group 4 have come for the takings.
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  17. Kriega inners.
  18. the genuine givi liners are less than half the price and also waterproof
  19. Ah. But I don’t already have two of those. :)
  20. The Givi frames are quick release, and so the pannier-less look is pretty comparable. :)
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