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5 Hours On The Isle Of Arron

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Dirty Leeds, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. so basically tomorrow I’m on the 7am I think ferry then back on it at 3ish I’m unloading the van with help so will have some spare time....anyone been? Anything worth seeing? I’ll be with the Mrs and dog hopefully unless it’s a rough sea I’ll be alone if it is, obviously bugger all to do I’m guessing
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  2. isle of Arron or Arran?. if its Arran then there's plenty to do. if you like outdoor stuff. no theme parks or casinos. its just a v,nice place to go if you want or need some serious chill time.
  3. Don’t know how you spell it but you turn left before Glasgow, and I’m only on it a few hours unfortunately, I was caught last minute had no time to plan or look at what’s on it preference definitely would have been an overnight stay
  4. I like west Scotland worked in Malaig beautiful
  5. Definitely only need a beach or field and pub we are happy
  6. its got plenty of those. its a fairly quick crossing from Adrossan. 45mins if i mind right. 5hrs in Brodic just waiting, might do yer head in as i think its to rain tomorrow. which is bit of a bummer as i am out for a wee run tomorrow.
  7. Have you taken up wee jogging or what man;)
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  8. Hope it’s smooth or Deb will be struggling on the boat
  9. We got the dog be wandering about somewhere no doubt
  10. yes, wee'er the better.
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  11. its a big boat. no hassles. you could drive round it in 5hrs.
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  12. The job I am doing is an overflow job, the removal was won on shiply.com, the customers warned the winning bidder that there was more stuff than a normal 3 bed house but they still couldn’t fit it in 2 vans so customer desperately rang me so last night me and the Mrs were loading a garage full of gear into my van, absolute farce, how anyone dare organise a full house removal on the Internet I do not know
  13. can i ask what village?
  14. Kilmory at a farm
  15. By a creamery
  16. Go jumper shopping :)
  17. Cool, need one at mo
  18. aye, you cant beat an arran jumper. or arran smoked cheese
    nice spot. good beach there. great views. shame you cant stay over. you wont see a sunset like it.
  19. I’d like to go past Helensburgh to ghareloch
  20. I doubt we can change boat but can ask
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