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6 Week Long Tour

Discussion in 'Touring' started by freshage, Mar 31, 2024.

  1. I'm looking at doing a long tour next summer, with the aim of 6 weeks give or take out on the road. I'm posting as I've done most of western Europe but this time, I'd like to focus on a couple of countries only. I have 3 choices, north, east or south from my start point (Amsterdam).

    My main go to's are Spain, Italy, southern France or the alps, in that order. What I'm looking for is good bike roads, I have a multi but it doesn't belong on anything but tarmac if I can help it. So no need to pack a portable home and go 'adventure' riding, purely sports riding.

    Im mostly looking for inspiration to choose my location and go from there. Normally on these trips I'll never stay in the same location more than 1 night unless I stop for a couple of days for a break. So any city suggestions for the mid tour break would be a bonus. I'm very much a rider in the saddle on a tour from the morning until the evening, generally 8-10 hours per day is my avg so distance isn't a problem as I'll happily plod along a motorway for those hours but ideally, mostly backroads.

    Oh, I do my tours solo (can't stand group rides, always a faff), so the social life in the evenings is also important else it's a bit lonely after a couple of weeks. As for time of the year, I'm flexible so when ever the weather is nicest, and I'd like to avoid bike transport if possible.

    Thanks in advance, I hope :D
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  2. You could always put the bike on the sleeper train at Villach, Austria, and travel to Erdine in Turkey. The ride back will be as varied as you like through middle Europe or via Greece, Albania Italy and France.

    Train inc bike 500Euros

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  3. First reply, exactly what I was looking for! How is security generally for bikes in Greece? My 1260 is anything but subtle, so is it a place the only option is secure parking overnight or is it relaxed enough?
  4. Couldn't really say, but I expect bike theft in Greece is no better or worse than most places. At night I'd want to have my bike in a closed yard, locked up. Just like everywhere else.
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  5. Can you not lash your bike on a ferry and get over to Norway/sweden from the dam? I bet that’s stunning in the summer and a lot less mobbed and chocka with caravans and cyclists than southern Europe (if ridings the aim).
    Southern Europe also gets extremely hot in the summer but I probably don’t have to tell you that :)
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  6. Alternatively come to England our roads are glorious ;p
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  7. Fancied Norway, Sweden, Finland and Baltics tour.
  8. Truly, that was originally the plan. But having been back to the UK recently, twice. The first trip including driving up and down the length of the UK, and it instantly scared the shit out of me. The roads there are so bad now, it's almost comical in some places. So sadly, the UK is not somewhere I'll be taking my 2 wheels to anytime soon.
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  9. That’s a shame but I can’t say I blame you.
    If you have 6 weeks a tour/bike hire round India on an Enfield is also a great trip but July/August is likely to be very wet.
  10. I’d be looking at going on the overnight sleeper train from Düsseldorf to Innsbruck riding around the Southern parts of the EU just because the weather is so much more reliable. We loved Italy but with that amount of time I think we would head to Greece and everywhere in between.
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  11. Already done the old Enfield rental in India, God that was a lot of fun :D
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  12. Bear in mind in recent years, Italy, parts of France, Spain and Eastern Europe have been stiflingly hot at the height of summer.
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  13. Yea, I learnt that lesson twice, I now do my tours at the beginning and end of the summer season. Heat isn't something I'm good with, anything over 30C just isn't fun.
  14. Have you seen the Simon Weir touring books? I know most of them are for one or two day rides but it might give you some inspiration for different areas?


    He’s also written about tours to Croatia and beyond on his website/blog. we really like Croatia but we were on a small boat cruise so no bikes.


    He’s a really nice guy and happy to offer advice, my friend Mark helped him with some routes in Portugal
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  15. If you end up near the Var/Toulon give me shout...happy to give a guided tour (le verdon est magnifique!) and a hot home cooked meal. :upyeah:

    Do you know of the Facebook group héberge-un-motard.com it's a private group where motorcyclists will put you up for the night for free. I'm fairly sure it is only France...but could be of help/fun if you are open enough for an adventure. :upyeah:
  16. Usually do my Euro trips in late September because of this. July, I would be including a lot of high passes, cooler but great fun anyway. Just avoid the more obvious ones such a Stelvio, where the crowds and pushbikes will be.
  17. Will check him out, but I'll never cough up £300+ for a route plan. How has he justified that cost when there is a whole library of routes for free on other systems?
  18. I guess the man has to earn a living like everyone else, it is his career after all?

    The books are good value, I’ve used them often when planning routes.
  19. I've ordered the book for sure, but still, even if it's his career, how can that price be justified for a route? I'm sure MRA has the same routes in it's library from looking at the pictures.
  20. I have Simon Weir's book, transposing the routes you want to use to MRA isn't a great hardship, something to do on a winter's evening.

    RouteYou can be a source of some interesting routes as well. Might be doing the N2 through Portugal later this year.
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