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600ss Single Silencer Wanted

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by DanSS600, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. I has got to be quiet, I haven't told my wife I've bought another bike and it is so loud I can't get near the house so have to leave it at work.:confused:

    Top speed is irrelevant - I just need to make it quieter.
  2. If your current aftermarket one is a straight through pipe no matter how much you repack or baffle, it wont be as quiet as a can using reflective sound cancellation like a standard one.
    But then the low Ducati rumble we all love to liberate is also much reduced.
    Might it be an option to spend some of the money you would spend on a can on a nice “sorry, I just had to have it” gift for your wife instead and leave it loud?
  3. I'd be happy with a Ducati rumble but I've got something that shakes the windows.
  4. For the cost of wadding, you may as well try repacking so long as it is a standard race type - parallel sides, about 10 cm diameter with perforated tube running through it - if it is one of the pseudo motogp or megaphone types, you may struggle.
    My 900ss track bike is on a single underseat outlet full race pipe and that is just deep rumble at low revs, never offensively loud, and only registers 101 at 6000 rpm. 1m from the bike.
  5. I have a std one and an aftermarket one but I can't go to the container and get pic's for you at the moment due to the lock down. I think the aftermarket one is scorpion one not 100% sure, might be micron but the aftermarket one is a lot heavery. If intersested
  6. A standard one would be perfect if it's not damaged. Do you want my mobile number?
  7. Ok when this crap over will get you a photo and go from there
  8. Great, I have sent my mobile number.

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