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620ie Forks

Discussion in 'Monster' started by Chris Bairstow, Aug 7, 2019.

  1. Does anyone know if there any fork legs preferably with adjustments that fit a 620ie. Ideally using the same yokes, wheel and calipers. I have never liked the stock forks and now one of the damper cartridges has failed. This could have been caused by hitting a brick, the impact bottomed out the forks and dented the rim. Alternatively is a new damper cartridge available as a spare part?
  2. IIRC the ST2 ones drop straight in, as do other adjustable ,monster and SS ones. Just cant use superbike (1098 etc, not sure about showa 916 tho) or Öhlins forks without yokes or some other adjustments. ST and SSIE ones may be longer but just poke out the top a bit, no problem.

    m620 with ST2 forks
    thumb_IMG_0863_1024 2.jpg
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  3. Thanks for the information, I am going straight to eBay.
  4. Early ST2 are fully adjustable, IIRC the later ones aren’t. May be worth checking the 916 typos, see if they fit.

    While you’re there, find if you haven’t already, add some P4 callipers. Mega worth it upgrade!!
  5. How have you got on with eBay? Also looking for forks for my 620ie (‘05). Was wondering if you found a decent/reliable seller?

    Cheers pal
  6. Still looking and waiting for funds. Seems like I have competition now!
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  7. There are some st3 ones on eBay for about 175 at the mo. Not 100% but think they are same diameter as st2 so will fit. They may be different length but no biggie
  8. Just got some off eBay for £175 advertised as being Showas off an ST3 fitted ok but the pre load adjuster is touching the bars on seven rings out, I can get to the rebound screws ok so I can live with that. The static sag is a bit more than I would ideally like & the springs are a bit stiff but a big improvement on the previous Marzzochis> just need to change the oil for 5wt now.
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  9. Sorry, of course I always ran clip ons so bars were never an issue for me if the forks were a bit long. One for others to note if doing the same :upyeah:
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