748/916 Showa Forks

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Paul_748, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Hi everyone

    I'm looking for a pair of Showa's for 748/916 please( as per title !), preferably the earlier 40mm caliper spacing versions. Unless someone also has a pair of later 65mm including the brake calipers that they would want to do at a stupid price at the same time - well, god loves an optimist. ( Would I then need the later brake master as well ? Necessitating different lines and lever ? )

    Unfortunately, my usual local supplier of all kosher goods (@bettes) appears to be out of stock !

    I've seen these on fleabay - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DUCATI-7...191003?hash=item3622ddbc5b:g:F9MAAOSwEu1Z1mbA
    but there's no rush and just wondered if anyone had some kicking around.

    I am also happy to throw in 2 ( yes 2!) packets of wotsits which appears to be the forum equivalent to bitcoin. Although I personally think that is all wrong and it should be monster munch pickled onion..............

    Cheers for looking,

  2. I think @Denzil the Ducati knew of somewhere with NOS at reasonable prices, but i may have just made that up.
  3. Cheers - I'll drop them a line and see what they say
  4. Hi Paul. I think Andy (denzil) managed to get a brand new set from Italy for a very good price! ;)
  5. The ones I got were NOS and came from Piricambi linked by CR previously. Top seller, 3 days from payment to delivery although he may have problems with early 916/748 forks. Also got new Showa shocks for both the 748 and 999 at around £130 each - which as cheaper than the service quotes I was given on the old ones.
  6. Cheers fellas - I mailed Piricambi and he's not got any early type.

    I'll hang on and see what turns up. But it's useful to know for other bits for the future as well, thanks.