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748 For Sale

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by Clapton, Sep 15, 2016.

  1. As stated in another post, the fairing was brittle underneath and gave way on my last ride which means the bike will need new fairings. I'll be looking to sell once its sorted so if anybody knows someone that is looking for a 748 that's serviced by Ducati Pro-Team in Strood then I'm open to offers even before I get it sorted. (I'm in Essex)
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  2. Possibly the worst bike advert i've seen on here this year. Congratulations.
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  3. Its called touching base, if I get no response I've lost what exactly?
  4. Least your honest :)
  5. Thats very bad luck.
    Perhaps a few photos and a bit about the bikes history etc may help,
  6. "Its called touching base, if I get no response I've lost what exactly?"

    Well you've lost the chance of a sale I think? Put some more info up of the bike, year, history, mileage, pictures etc. Might help instead of just telling us that your bike is broke and now you want sell it.
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  7. i can see where the OP was going and in the interests of balance fair play for the heads up...
  8. bag of wotsits?
  9. Make it Brannighans beef and Mustard and you got yourself a deal
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  10. Bag of wotsits for the SFS engine? :)
  11. I'll swap it as is for my Suzuki.
  12. What, the SFS engine or the wotsits? :)
  13. Either
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  14. Sorry. Both!
  15. :Wideyed:
  16. my mate looking for bike just like that. how much?
  17. How much would you pay if it wasn't broken? I've seen full fairing kits for £430 ish. It's the bike in my pic, I also have various original parts front mudguard, levers, exhaust plates. A Hayes manual and rear wheel stand.
  18. But it is broken? :smileys:
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  19. I wish you had described my ex Mrs to me 20 odd years ago! I would still have my 3 storey house in Windsor town centre and my C Type Jag!
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  20. Cracking jokes like this You'd of probably been single anyway
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