748 748 Won't Turn Off

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  1. Hi guys I need some help please my 1997 748 hasn't been used for ages, last weekend I thought time for a spin connected the battery up pressed the starter and up she fired, left it ticking over for a few mins turned it off got myself ready fired it up, then got caught by a friend, stopped it had a chat fired it up again then my friend kept on chatting so i went to turn it off and it won't stop i had to put it in gear and stall it, now i either have to stall it or disconnect the battery, and if i disconnect the battery's soon as i reconnect the battery the bike fires up straight away, any ideas please
  2. Are you saying that neither the kill switch or the ignition key will switch it off?
  3. yes, most baffling
  4. I would say the solenoid was stuck if it was just turning over but if it fires up and runs then I would be looking at the ignitign switch.
  5. Don't stop riding it.. don't get off keep it going ride for life live to ride!
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  6. First thing I'd do would be give a good spray of contact cleaner into the ignition barrel and into the space between the kill switch and the switch surround. It seems the ignition circuit which should be broken when the kill switch is used or the key turned to off and removed is not being broken, possibly due to a build up of corrosion at the break points?
  7. Sounds more like a relay problem to me as the ignition switch and starter button are two seperate units one for coil and injection feed and also put a live to the starter relay , the other to engage the starter when the ignition is live
  8. Thanks guys stripping out this weekend
  9. As above, I would favour starter solenoid first.
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  10. Yep, as Chris knows, I had this problem last Saturday, it was a stuck solenoid, replaced today and all good again.
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