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For Sale 748r Throttle Bodies £220

Discussion in 'Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale' started by final_edition, May 18, 2020.

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  1. I have these for a project that didn't happen...

    748R throttle bodies, complete with injectors in great condition. They may fit blue framed bikes. Do your own checks.

    I can bore them out foc if the buyer wishes. They can go to 50mm. Probably more with a bit of precise measuring.

    They are probably cheaper at the Sportsbike Shop.

    Please check with Ducati Berlin to see if they fit your bike.

    £220 posted.

    Please pm.

    Cheers :upyeah: 20200518_172103.jpg 20200518_172050.jpg 20200518_172044.jpg 20200518_172033.jpg
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  2. They said it’s an R
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  3. That’s cheap and they go to 54mm. I have a pair already modified on the 853. Andy
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  4. Had read some interesting things about boring them out, for road use anyway. probably for another thread but I second that it's decent money for these.
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  5. Come on then boys, clue us all in. Everyone’s dying to know. Which one of you gives and which one receives?
  6. Only you want to know.
    Are you looking for some action ?


    Please close @El Toro @Ducbird
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  7. Thread closed
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