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For Sale 748r Throttle Bodies £220

Discussion in 'Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale' started by final_edition, May 18, 2020.

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  1. I have these for a project that didn't happen...

    748R throttle bodies, complete with injectors in great condition. They may fit blue framed bikes. Do your own checks.

    I can bore them out foc if the buyer wishes. They can go to 50mm. Probably more with a bit of precise measuring.

    They are probably cheaper at the Sportsbike Shop.

    Please check with Ducati Berlin to see if they fit your bike.

    £220 posted.

    Please pm.

    Cheers :upyeah: 20200518_172103.jpg 20200518_172050.jpg 20200518_172044.jpg 20200518_172033.jpg
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  2. They said it’s an R
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  3. That’s cheap and they go to 54mm. I have a pair already modified on the 853. Andy
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  4. Had read some interesting things about boring them out, for road use anyway. probably for another thread but I second that it's decent money for these.
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  5. Only you want to know.
    Are you looking for some action ?


    Please close @El Toro @Ducbird
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  6. Thread closed
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