748s Standard Mirror Colour

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  1. I have a 2001 748S which has red mirrors. Was this the original colour?
  2. No, although Ducati offered a colour coded mirror which some dealers threw in the sweeten the deal and of course, the original or a subsequent owner might have upgraded. Andy
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  3. As above. My 2000 748S came with black mirrors but I repainted them myself.
  4. Thanks, I think I'm correct in saying the 748R has red as standard? but didn't know about the original 748S model was.
  5. Thanks Andy, so I guess it's really owner preference as both could be original on the S model.
  6. Sadly no, 748R standard fit were black but again and especially on the later model year, colour coded were dealer fitted to sweeten the deal and move the last few bikes. Andy
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  7. I thought they were colour coded on the R too!
  8. My understanding from several conversations on this matter is that all UK 748Rs were delivered from the factory with black mirrors and the standard steering damper. Colour coded mirrors and the Ohlins steering damper could be specified but were dealer fitted after delivery at the pdi stage. Several dealers fitted mirrors and steering dampers as a sweetener to shift the final few 2002 bikes remaning in stock. Andy
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  9. I have an '02 748s, yellow in colour (thee best :tearsofjoy:) and it came with colour coded mirrors.

    All of the other 748 models in the showroom at the time also had colour coded mirrors. Still wish I'd bought the "R".

    If memory serves me correctly, colour coded mirrors came on all 748 models when the fairing design was changed the slab-sided panels in 2001/2.
  10. Black ones were fitted from new to my red MY02 (slab sided) 748S which came from Ducati Manchester originally registered April 02 but built May-July 01 so one of the earlier MY02 bikes. IMHO the red ones look much better that way, they also look much better with the OEM screen fitted, its all about lines and visual continuity.
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  11. I agree, colour coded does look better.

    Here is my S, it's a late '02 model. I got an RS screen for it when I bought the bike and really like it. I think the OEM screen is too low, perhaps this one is a tad too high, but getting anything in-between is tough!! (Thread creep...)

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