749/999 money saving tip for broken TPS

Discussion in '749 / 999' started by chrisw, Aug 22, 2013.

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  2. I don't know if these are the same as used on the 1098, but at one point I thought I needed one and the only place I found any for sale wanted £85!

    Good work Chris!
  3. Also here....

    Ducati Superbike TPS sensor - Magneti Marelli IPF2CB | eBay

    Plenty of nice Magneti Marelli bits in their shop so worth a look.

    couple of questions:

    *What were the symptoms that yours needed replacing?

    *have you replaced it with the fiat one and did it work all ok and if so did you just plug it in and go or did you go through loads of grief?
  4. I'm on the hunt for cheap compatible parts

    As my bikes get older then the likelihood of failure increases

    Next project is cheap Crank Position Sensors
  5. I agree 100%.

    Seems like whenever I buy used spares they end up being junk so any alternatives to oem rip-off is good in my book (exc belts).
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  6. Hahaha

    So a fiat TPS, a Corsa oil light..... whats the bike?

    A Du-CAR-ti ? :biggrin:
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  7. Looks like we can add the S4RS to the list
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  8. Follows using a Weber pf09 tps from 748, 996, monnies etc. they were used on Fiats and Cossies etc.
  9. Did you ever find any crank sensors?
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  10. Threads like this are worth their weight in gold, thanks guys.
    I`m after some new air filters soon. I wonder if there`s some old Fiat out there that uses the same style air filters, for a fraction of the price of Ducati ones? Now that would be a good find.
  11. sadly not but a nice thought. best ones as far as im concerned is the pipercross as they are washable.
  12. Is that dishwashable or is it 30 min on 40 degrees wash, my Mrs would love that if she opened up the dishwasher and ........:Woot:
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  13. An update on the ebay Throttle Position Sensor. If you do use this part then you need to add a sliver of plastic to pad out the flat that goes onto the throttle spiggot. If you don't do this then the spiggot will not turn the potentiometer of the TPS.

    A better alternative is to go to a Fiat Dealer and order part number 71738921 (Potentiometer). These are genuine Magneti Marelli parts and cost just £32.32.


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