749 999 Rizoma Clear Belt Covers

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  1. As above, after both vert and horizontal.
  2. Those are horrible! I'm after the rizoma ones, I'll edit the title. Cheers for the link though
  3. Nostromo, I have one fitted to my MY03 base 999 (Rizoma Part number is ZDM065S) and would be prepared for a swap+ with an OEM or preferably CF replacement or maybe other bits. Although I have a feeling it wont fit the MY05 and 06 generation of the bike. It was fitted when I got the bike but is the wrong side of tasteful to me, also there really is no point in having something like that on the horizontal cylinder as it is entirely covered by the fairing and is probably heavier than the plastic oem covers (also not sure Rizoma did a horizontal one to match). The receipts indicate it was bought in December 2012 for an eyewatering £135 from Moore Speed Racing, the bike has done only 4k miles since that time. If you want I will take some hi res close up photos of it this weekend and email them. It needs a clean to restore its bright shiny inside but otherwise its in good nick. You can still get replacement lexan clear windows for less than a tank of fuel
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  4. Was the difference between the 2003 covers and the later ones the fact that the latter were vented? Can't see why it wouldn't fit :thinkingface:
  5. Exige I vaguely remembered something that suggested this only fitted up to MY04, its probably not the case in reality. May have changed for homologation purposes maybe?
  6. Some one will know - I think people fit the later vented covers on earlier bikes... :eyes:

  7. Legend! Mines an 03 with a dp carbon cover on the vertical, I'd be happy to swap!
  8. Nostromo, you have a pm or conversation
  9. Still after a horizontal, I think the s4rs had one available
  10. They were. Been on mine from new.
  11. Any chance you want to part with it?
  12. No, i just mean’t that yes, they were available for that model.
    Might be worth an e-mail to
    They quite often have new old stock of parts.
  13. OK cheers!
  14. Nostromo, all the screws are out with good clean threads. Here is the problem, I have not done any belt changes on this bike and have never removed the cover. Without taking everything apart what has to come off to get the belt covers out. It wont go out vertically and there is no flex in it, I do not want to damage it and it looks like it has to go out then forwards?
  15. Just taken mine off, you have to loosen the two bolts holding the charcoal thingy to let you pull it out slightly, the remove the tube frome the engine block, you should be able to squeeze it tomards the front of the bike, this will give you enough room to remove the cover