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749 Rd To Track Bike

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by chizel, Nov 5, 2018.

  1. howdy friends.
    as some know im turning my 749 into a track only bike. i want to remove the head light cluster/clutter but am unsure what parts i will require to replace it to secure the air tubes and fairing to.. and dash... will i still need the dash? i guess a speedo would be nice! and maybe it needs one to run? as in, is the dash linked to the ecu and bike wont work without it? happy to keep dash but will need a way to mount it i guess...
    any advice on whats needed and where to get bits would be great.. also anything else that is recommended... like would a slipper clutch be worthwhile? stuff like that...
    thanks in advance team!
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  2. there also used to be a slim down loom that replaced the headlight etc dont know if thats available anymore or similar?
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  3. Track Fairing bracket for sale here:

    I believe the dash is needed to run the bike . I believe also that it can run without the dash but it is fairly tricky and involved to hook up an alternative. Standard dash, in my opinion, is fine for the track. Rev counter is very big and prominent and the speedo readout can just be taped over if you don’t want to be distracted. Also, it is very light.
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  4. I think that bracket will only work with a race fairing.
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  5. Yeah well, he wants to make a track bike so assumed it would have fibreglass race fairings.
    My bad.
    Anyway, it’s not your birthday today so no special schmoozy treatment for you til next year!
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  6. @chizel what can you got? You may need DB killers for some tracks if a Termi.
  7. The ealry bikes has a round connector at the join the later loom are rectangle
  8. im not sure... it has a termi cover but its not stamped on the can as i hear it should be... it does have bigger outlets than a standard can though and is pretty dam load!
  9. I think you will need the front sub-frame I put up as it has the extra bracket for where the top/nose meets the side. If you wanted to use the other type @RickyX linked to I believe it needs to be a single unit for the upper 1/2.
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  10. put some pics up
  11. i will at some point... just finished out there and can be arsed at the min!!! its as loud if not louder than my 49 with the 57mm full system termi on it..
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  12. what about remounting my dash? does it have provision for that or do i need something else?
  13. I have similar Fairings to that. They work fine with a race Fairing bracket which also holds the dash and fuses and air temp sensor. Mine is Pierbon.
  14. any chance you would have a link?
  15. @chizel no, sorry, came with the bike which I bought back in 08!
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  16. @chizel dude have you looked on eBay? I'm in the middle of turning my gsxr into a track bike and got everything I needed off there.
  17. i have mate but given im unsure what i need exactly or what will work im not to keen on taking some randoms word for it.. rather put my faith in you good people to steer me in the right direction!!!
    checked out the link you posted but couldnt purchase from it. had to regisyer which i did but the dont list the item... i shall call em and see if it is still available and suitable.. looks the part and the price is reasonable i think...

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