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For Sale 750ss 1993

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by SP4S, Jun 29, 2019.

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  1. I thought you were a bit high on the price, until I read the description and looked at all the pictures, what a lovely example. I dont know if I have seen more original, it belongs in a museum or a collection!

    Just for your info, youve got it listed at 3700 but in the description you are asking for 3900 at the bottom


  2. Thanks mate. Will amend it. Got another bike coming next Tuesday so trying to sell.
    Looks better in the pictures but mileage and paperwork are awesome.
  3. eBay listing amended
  4. Bump, anyone interested?
  5. Pics. Offers considered. It really is a lovely little thing and all sorted for the summer.








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  6. Price drop to £3400 for Forum members.
  7. Bit more info about the bike.

    The bike has covered just over 8k miles from new, having done about 400 in the past eight years and has been very well looked after. I bought the bike as non runner, the carbs were out as well as running on one cylinder. A local Ducati mechanic found the problem to be faulty ignition coils. The cost for a pair of these was £180 and three hours labour. The total cost of this little repair and MOT was just under £500.

    It now runs like a dream and goes very well, im surprised at how nippy this little 750 is, im used to larger CC Ducati's but this is more than enough for the road and sounds awesome.

    Brand new Conti Attack tyre
    Original unused tool kit, all in its original plastic cellophane
    Every MOT certificate from 1996 to present
    BOS aftermarket exhausts
    K&N filter and open air box
    Huge file documenting work/servicing carried out

    It has a bit of flaking paint on front cylinder and normal wear and tear commensurate with age, but overall a extremely tidy and original bike.

    As i mentioned it was my intention to keep this little beauty but my 851 has just been refurbished and coming back next week, so this needs to go SWMBO will not be happy.


    07866 431883 if anyone wants a chat about it
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  8. Pics



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  9. Pretty
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  10. 307 views and two comments. Any comments advice is most welcome, have i got the pricing all wrong, or is there no market for these bikes?
  11. Having spoken to fellow owners/members have adjusted price accordingly.

    £2900 no offers, thats a bargain guys
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  12. a lovely entry-level Ducati, all set for the summer :upyeah:
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  13. I would totally agree, thats a bargain price. Its a lovely example and far more desireable than most of the other 750s you see on ebay etc due to its condition. Someone should snap this up!
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  14. Thanks guys, have spent £500 on it in past month and its surprisingly nippy for a 750, but then again it has been well looked after. I just wish i could keep it but get my 851 back this week.
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  15. A newbie looking for an older bike just directing him here
    You never know :)
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  16. Thanks, thats very kind of you
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  17. Midweek bump
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