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Featured 765rs Finally Picked Up/build Thread

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by Bondy7070, Jun 17, 2020.

  1. Alright troops

    Ordered this back in March time, originally had a V2 on route but £2400 for insurance when the year before I was paying a grand for a 899 is just a bill I would not stomach.

    Had a think and realised the obvious choice had been staring in my face the whole time, I had already owned had a 675 Daytona track bike and since trying out a 765 Daytona cross over at Silverstone last year I knew this would be the correct buy for the time being.

    765Rs’s are advertised at £10,300 but after asking about I was lucky enough to get it for £9,800.
    (Ive heard from someone else that they’ve been had for a tad cheaper :dizzy:)

    Think up to and not including this model they’ve sold 90k units or something so think their business model is just good value and chuck them out in volume.

    Today though when going in I did see a PCP example offer and do slightly regret raiding my savings.
    With a bit of nowse you can make £10k work very well for you at the moment and all this bike for a 2 odd k deposit and £115 a month to then be able to hand it back and not bother with the sale sounds awesome. However, I had already burnt that bridge by saying the bike was for track.
    Next bike purchase I’ll be keeping my mouth shut and turn up asking “has it got a power band?’ And say its for going to a Cafe or something.

    Things that stood out for me were the;
    Up/Down QS (hopefully good enough for track use, well see)
    Öhlins rear (Showlins*)
    Brembo M50’S & MC
    Have the same Showa BPF’s as you find on the other obvious bikes
    Come with SC SP’s but they’ll only be on for the first 600 miles which I’ve decided to do on the road.

    Like I said back on the road for the first time in a while just to run him in, I’m not on track till Anglesey next month so plenty of time to get it sorted for then.

    The only things I’ve got so far to stick on are Robby Moto rear sets, clip ons and a fresh set of SC’s for when its good to go on track. Fairings and exhaust I’ll leave to next month at least due to my fairly expensive month.
    New bike, insurance (£340) van insurance (£260), new leathers and helmet (£k+), tyres, excess on the hire bike I highsided at Donny and all that have turned this month into an expensive affair.

    Only major drama I can fore see is due to the new Euro 5 criteria on this bike apparently ABS is no longer a simple job of just ripping something out but well climb that fence when we get there .

    Right, am off to attack the rear sets with an A-key





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  2. Great choice, I likes these....
    Ideal little weapon for a good hoon down a twisty B road

    Think I preferred last years dash though, but I think it’s only a software thing if you want to revert.

    Enjoy, they sound absolutely mega !!!
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  3. Yeah the guy took me through the dash in there and even though I'm from the Ipad generation I still can't make head nor tail of it lol.

    Cheers mate
  4. Is my mind going or am I correct in saying you have a black Labrador??

    Need to see pics of dog and bike....please :D:upyeah:
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  5. Street fighter style thought it was superbike style
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  6. Great bikes. Possibly the best fun per pound bike on the market. And they weigh next to nothing.
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  7. Nice bike mister, welcome to the club. ;)
    Will you have to move instrument panel to fit the clipons and do the rear sets have a brake switch function?
    Whack up some pics as you go please Bondy, I’ve just got crash protection on mine.
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  8. Clip ons will foul the dash before you get to full lock, need to lose the lights and fashion another mount somehow. Took one out for a test ride and it’s banging, engine is fantastic, sounds great, handles really nicely. I was very close to getting it, still on the fence about it
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  9. I love mine, done 6k miles and its pukka . Only slight thing is it's a bit of a clit bike, every cnut has one . LOL.
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  10. I had a 675 one of these as a courtesy bike when my panigale was in for warranty work

    such a perfect road bike. Smiles for miles

    enjoy it mate
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  11. Yes that’s me mate, have two of the little shits. Haven’t got them together yet, but now you mention it right after this photo was taken the youngest buggered off into the next field and I had to pause my triple admiration for a minute to retrieve him.

    Dw mate will all be sorted soon

    Yeah bud, soon as I get all the road kit off and just plastic on hell be like a feather.

    Didn’t know you had a triple as well mate, this is my third but first over 675. Yeah so the front will need another mount and different yoke on it I think, I’m chatting to a guy at moto46 at the moment about it who builds them for the NL 765 cup, will all be done in time. Will do mate, yeah I asked for engine casing protection to be put on as it looked decent and was cheaper than GB but they stuck frame protection on instead but just said dw well change around when you return for the service next week.
    Erm rear sets I think mean losing the rear break light but as its not a wheelie machine and I’m not good enough to back it in I wont be using the rear anyway.

    Yeah as mention before mate I’m gonna get it all squared and buy the stuff from Paul Holden at moto 46, pretty much just gonna copy the set up that Matt at small boys had with his hire bikes.
    Yeah man these with some slicks on, I mean I’m not that experienced compared to most people in the paddock at all but it was the nicest handling thing I’ve ever sat on. on rails if you get em set up alright, guy that’s won the 765 cup last year did it on stock suspension I think.

    Yeah I mean Ive never been arsed about others and that but it is a very valid point, trying to get rid off one of these when you need to sell is like trying to off load a bag of sand to an Arab.
    Tbf wish I had PCP’d it, could of just handed it back. But tbf, the way it will be modded, they’ll be someone out there in the track game that will want it, was less than 10k, ill have it for a couple of years before getting a though, as long as I get a decent chunk back towards the next one ill be happy.
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  12. How did you compare the old 675 to the cbr6 on track?
  13. I’ve never ridden a 675 on track only the road so hard to say really mate :)

    one of my favourite racing memories is from one of these though, infact two memories

    first being Gaz Johnson at Donington, he was last on the grid for some reason and by turn one he was 5th in the newcomer 1000 race... on a 765 having taken to the grass in to red gate due to traffic

    the other was when racing a friend of mine at Anglesey at an NLr endurance meet who nearly highsided right in front of me. I dive bombed him into rocket and then nearly Highsided right in front of him going down the hill. Landed on the tank and bashed my ball bag to oblivion haha (he was on a 675)
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  14. Aye yeah you said but reckoned you would still have an opinion from seeing them on track.
    In the right hands and maintained well they are mega.
    Remember that guy with proper long ginger hair at knockhill last year at Bsb fkin smashed it on one, I really should know him name tbh, just remember that mane flying past with everyone at his heels while I tried to remain standing on my 8th pint.
  15. Absolutely superb! Do it all road bike I’d say. Enjoy :):upyeah:
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  16. I was working at a Triumph dealership when the 765RS was released. Its an outstanding bike with an amazing engine. So much so, a friend of mine bought a written off 765, took the engine out and put it in his 675 Daytona track bike. Its an absolute weapon...
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  17. lovely bike mate, I've ridden loads of street triples through the years and never got on with them until the 765RS where I think they made it much more of a sportbike, with proper front end feel etc. It was on my short list for a second bike but I decided to get a Thruxton R instead, enjoy, it will be great :)
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  18. Cheers bud. How'd ya mean, just mod it to a daytona look but still road legal?

    Smart move that.

    Thruxton R's a cracking bike mate. Got a picture?
  19. don't want to hijack your thread mate but here:

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