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765rs = Whats The Difference?

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by bradders, Jul 22, 2020.

  1. Guessing 2020 is a new MY, but often that means sold on a 19 plate. So, whats the difference between old and new and how (visually) can you tell?
  2. 2020 bikes have a bit more midrange and a redesigned dash with the option of turn by turn nav I think.
    Colours are Matt black with lime green and silver grey with red. I think the silver one is the same on the older bikes but the black on mine has red accents.
    Blipper on new bike, not 2019 range.
    You are welcome to try mine if you like.
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  3. bike wise, when was the 'new model' then? 2018??
  4. My version is 2017-2019 inclusive. 2020 bikes appeared late last year for the same list price.
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  5. Make your mind up Bradderrrrrrsssss :p
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  6. Euro 5.
    New one has the torque it always missed. Improved dash, road Super corsas v3 and it's same price new as the previous one.
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  7. I like my one with all the power up top. Proper power band like an old 2 stroke. Hit 8k and off you go. :cool:
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  8. It a 'what second bike do I want for general knocking about and a bit of touring on...' question

    A badass superbike is still coming my way when mines sold!!
  9. Superb choice for that need. On the earlier ones you can turn off the TC fully too. ;)
  10. I don't think I'd look at much else other than a 675/765 for the road for that remit.

    Super impressive, sweet handling, sounds the nuts = winning
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  11. Visually, the new one has different shoulder pads on the radiator, different exhaust with a carbon tip, revised headlights and scoopy hole things on the seat behind your arse
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  12. My only worry is my experience with and around Triumph triples isn't confidence inspiring...but light weight, medium power bike I can drag stupid is appealing!
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  13. I test rode a new RS and liked it so much I placed an order at the time. Ended up pulling out as I decided to save my pennies for a V4 next year, but the engine is sublime and it handles really well. Sounds good too. The looks are the sticking point for me because I’m an old tart, but you can’t dispute the way it rides. I’d probably have had it if it was a Daytona
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  14. What? Like this?.....

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  15. Paul, there's plenty of road tests of both '20 model and earlier, think the '20 is a little heavier with a bit more torque and new graphics.

    Love my '19 'R' - didn't think I needed the RS as R suspension is really good as is everything else on the bike! Comfy riding position, light, very chuckable!:) enough power, pretty good torque, good brakes, superb gearbox and quick shifter, light clutch, addictive noise, in fact a real fun bike so long as you don't want to sit on a dual carriageway at 80 all day!

    If you're down this way, try mine, you'll enjoy!
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  16. Yes. It’s going to be ace that. But I want the Striple for the road and track, not just track. So that wasn’t an option for me.
    Have you got an insurance quote yet? Just renewed mine. 2 years ncb 3000 mpa and pillion use. £111 fully comp. Might help you make your mind up :upyeah:
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  17. Yes, just under £200 :upyeah: Got someone interested in GS so who knows....
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  18. Tried MCNs comparison site?
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