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797 Termignoni - Race Or Type-approved?

Discussion in 'Monster' started by Jon M, Aug 29, 2019.

  1. Hi all
    I'm gearing up to buy a Monster 797 but the option to swap out the standard exhaust for a Termignoni is giving me a headache so looking for some opinions.

    The two Termi options are the Sport Line Racing Silencer and the Evo Line Type-approved Silencer. They're both just over £1k and the Sport is actually the cheaper of the two as it doesn't need a separate cover.

    What I'm after is a better, more rorty sound than the standard exhaust, but not too loud. I'm not that fussed about an increase in performance (for info the Sport gives between 2% and 5% extra power and the same for torque - I can't find any figures for the Evo). I can't find any sound level figures for either exhausts.

    So a few questions that I have are:
    • How illegal is the non-road legal Sport exhaust, is it only likely to be a problem if the police are looking for an excuse to pull you over anyway? Will it cause any problems with the MOT, insurance, etc? I don't plan on taking my bike on a track.
    • Does the Evo sound similar to the Sport? There are lots of YouTube vids of people praising the Sport but not much about the Evo and you can't really tell from the vids what they sound like (not on my tablet anyway).
    • Does fitting the dB Killer to the Sport make much of a difference to the loudness?

    I prefer the look of the Sport and from what people say it sounds good - it just might be a bit too loud for my liking, I don't want to go around annoying folk and making dogs freak out. The Evo seems the more sensible choice but I would be disappointed if I spent £1,000 on it and the sound wasn't much different to the standard exhaust, I'm also not as keen on its looks (I think I might actually prefer the look of the standard exhaust!).

    Any comments would be much appreciated :cool: Thanks for reading!
  2. As I read the blurb on the Ducati accessories web page, the Evo Line has a catalytic converter so is not likely to be noticeably louder than the stock system so is an aesthetic option, looking a lot better than the stock system and is fully road legal. The Sport Line deletes the catalytic converter but has a (removable) db killer to quieten the exhaust to a still louder but more acceptable level. As long as the bike MoT doesn’t measure exhaust gasses, you’d be hard pressed if a bike MoT station failed it on noise with the baffle fitted. I run a decat system on my Multistrada which is perfectly acceptable with the db killer fitted and it passed the MoT. My girlfriend has a similar decat system on her Diavel and has no issues with the db killer fitted. If it were my choice, definitely the Sport Line. Andy
  3. Thanks Andy! That's one of the things I was worried about, the Evo just being a different style of stock exhaust with a £1,000 Termignomi sticker. My brother recently had a Harley with an aftermarket pipe that was crazy loud - a lot of fun to begin with but it was one of the main reasons he ended up selling it. Even with a baffle in it was very loud. It didn't have any problems with its MOT but Harleys seem to be a law unto themselves so that's reassuring that you've not had any issues either. I think you may be talking me round to taking a chance on the Sport. :upyeah:
  4. Welcome to the Forum Jon:upyeah:
    I think you’ve answered the question yourself Jon; Sport. You’ll be disappointed in the Evo.

    You can manage the noise. I run an M1100S with Termis, no cat, no DB killers. It’s awesome on full throttle:D. But then I don’t ride full throttle along our road. Out of consideration for the few neighbours we have, I use 2nd gear, the clutch, and coast a lot. This gets me to/from the main road with minimal noise as the engine never needs to go above tickover.

    Go Sport
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  5. @Jon M Have you looked at other makes for alternatives ? I`ve owned bikes with Leo Vince, Remus and SP engineering exhausts and all offered a weight saving against the original and lovely sound too without being over the top. I dont know what power gains they offer but they all felt meatier after changing .
    https://www.spengineering.co.uk/locator.html are a British firm and they seem to do a fair range for the 797. I`m sure you could speak to the factory and maybe even visit a dealer to discuss/trial the options . Gotta be worth a call dont you think ?
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  6. I have an SP engineering can on my 1200s and although it is louder and cooler (temperature) than the standard pipe it's not that much louder with the baffles in. And it didn't cost anywhere near a grand.
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  7. Checking the noise of the exhaust is not part of the MoT test, I think. But if it is excessively loud, there may be a 'catch all' that the tester can use. Loud exhausts do NOT stop cars from pulling out on you! I have the scars...
  8. Thanks Paul, I think you and Andy have convinced me the Evo would be an expensive disappointment.

    And thanks Dukesox and mjgt. I was leaning towards the Termignomi partly because the more I looked in to aftermarket exhausts the more confusing it all got - is it road legal, too loud, remap required, etc! But maybe spending £1k on an £8k bike is a bit over the top! :laughing: The £200 - £300 of the alternatives you mentioned seem better value. Did either of you have to get your bikes remapped or is that only necessary if you replace the full exhaust system?

    Thanks Perry too! It wouldn't surprise me if having a loud/illegal exhaust didn't prevent a bike passing its MOT, I've had a bike pass with a broken speedo and a friend recently got his passed even though it had no indicators. I watched my bike go through its last MOT and the test just seemed to involve giving various parts of the bike a good shoogle and checking that nothing dropped off!

    I'm going to go have another look at those other exhaust makes.

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  9. No remaps for me, just the end can. Most of the benefits without too much cost.
  10. Hey, that's reassuring to hear Dukesox, the mapping looks to be about as expensive as many of the exhausts!
  11. Thanks for the suggestion Duke63, that Scorpion has the shape I'm after and it's not too big and not too small :upyeah:

    I also quite like the look of the SC Project Conical. It's not officially available for the Monster 797 and is designed for the Scrambler 800 instead but a couple of people have fitted it to their 797 and it seems to work.

    Here's a video of a 797 with the Conical fitted:

    Probably safer with the Scorpion though...
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  12. No remap for me, have run it with and without the baffle and the bike runs fine.
  13. I have a SC Project on my 1200R (conical)and they are works of art, thats what i would have .
  14. 072C08A6-2F53-4663-8DD2-45A8B1F6F091.jpeg I have SP engineering cans on mine, it was a Mumbler, now it’s definitely a Monster, I wear earplugs when I ride so the excessive noise isn’t a concern, for me :)
  15. Hey thanks for your words of wisdom and slip-on suggestions everyone :heart_eyes: I'm much more relaxed about getting an aftermarket exhaust now. I guess I'd better get my finger out and go get a bike now! Hopefully I'll get a test ride tomorrow if the weather holds up :motorcycleduc:

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