1200 DVT 8 Months Into Ownership ... The Progress So Far ....

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  1. So i've been mainly lurking on here, with alittle input from time to time, so thought it was about time i contributed something more ... Welcome to My 2016 1200s DVT....

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  2. So up until this week the bikes been relatively standard, so time to personalise it alittle, rim tape for starters;

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  3. Next up was a protector for the exhaust and more importantly the cyclinder head, got to admit undoing the nuts for the mounting bracket was a tad scary after reading a fair few stories of the studs snapping...

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  4. Talking of protection i also made up some paint protection panels with some clear 3M vinyl, i dont think they came out too bad.


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  5. Rear shocker also covered after reading how they cost to replace if damaged;

  6. Scottoiler fitted ...



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  7. Invested in some R&G Crash bobbings along the way too...



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  8. I also picked up a spare key from ebay for a tenner, i prefer to keep the transponder in my pocket and use this for the topbox/panniers and filler cap. Red Key stays at home lol

  9. Thats about it so far. I guess i should mention the Michelin Road 5's which i have had fitted since purchasing the bike. I've covered a thousand miles so far and have to take my hat off to them, they really are awesome tyres. Oh, adding 6 full turns of pre-load to the front forks helped no end too with feedback, if you havent done it yet, then do! (unlike the previous owner of mine).

    Final couple photos;
    a) Said tyre
    b) Where the bike sleep's - a dehumidifed tent in my garage a long with the other toy.



    Thanks for taking an interest, i'll update the thread and as when things progress
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  10. More pictures of that lovely rally car please,when you get the time and space:blush::upyeah:
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  11. Nice, you didn’t mention your small screen...or the reservoir caps.
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  12. Love the angle grinder Mark's on the tyre.
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  13. She hasn’t emerged from the garage this year but when she does no problem :)

    You are right, I will update the thread tomorrow evening regarding those.

    Sorry you have lost me?! Angle grinder marks???
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  14. Car pics please :)

    Liking what you have done so far but.... not sure about the rim stickers :thinkingface:
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  15. The ones on your tyres that make them look like you have used them :grinning:
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  16. Everyone has been positive so far but I can appreciate what you are saying, too bling for some?

    Ha! I think an angle grinder would leave a lot different marks to those?!

    The tyres are dual compound hence the rather sudden change in texture going from hard in the centre to soft on the edge. Have to admit though it is wierd that the mottled effect doesn’t carry across all the way to the edge and ends suddenly. Limitation on corner speed / cornering angle so far has been;

    a) my feet
    b) center stand grounding out

    Not had my knee down on the multi so far and tbh have no plans to, but was never a problem on my previous GSXR’s, blades, 996s etc.
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  17. I fitted rim tape to my 15 plate dvt , I soon saw the light & removed it ! ...but hey , each to there own
    Nice arrow decat & you’ll be well on the way !
    Vid of mine ..

    I too would like to see more of the evo ....
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  18. great post. i fitted rim tape to mine an then swiftly removed it.
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  19. I think he's having a chuckle. Some people have been known rather than show massive chicken strips, taken an axle grinder/sander to artificially reduce those chicken strips to make the rider look like they ride to the very edge of the tyre so must be a riding god. I'm sure it was just humour.
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  20. When I had Road 5s they looked the same. They have a really pronounced difference across the compounds. Looked a bit strange but they worked well.
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