For Sale 848 1098 1198 Ohlins Shock £360

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  1. Upgraded my rear shock to the Ohlins TTX so selling this to offset the cost.

    Shock is in overall good condition but not perfect. There is some marking on the bottom joint which mounts to the swingarm. I believe this has been caused from prior installation or removal by rubbing against the coarse texture of the swingarm. This cant be seen as the mount point is in a deep recessed area within the swingarm.

    The gas cannister, top mount, bottom retaining piece, shaft, bump stop and body all appear in very good condition, however, there is a mark on the underside of the body which is pretty hidden.

    The spring needs some TLC, i.e replaced or powder coat due to paint flaking and marking.

    I have tried to be as honest as i can and have taken pictures which best capture the true condition. I have no idea if this has ever been serviced. Wanting £360.











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  2. Any more pictures :eyes:
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  3. GLWTS
    I got my txt for 450 ;)
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  4. @Exige Aye it is a bit overkill, although since i bought the bike I've been stalking the internet for parts and the amount of crap pictures is infuriating so wanted people to know what they were buying.

    @final_edition Thats a nice setup and very good deal on the TTX. I will eventually be on the lookout for a flat link and height adjuster too.

    Also guys I'm open to decent offers.
  5. Included in the price of £400 will be the 1098 ride height adjuster, rocker as well as new unopened rocker bearings, seals and a lower ride height adjuster nut. All parts are in good condition, however, when ducati removed the old bearings they've somehow marked the rocker, i assume as a result of clamping it in a vice with teeth. Bores are in very good condition.






  6. Price drop - £380 for shock, ride height adjuster and linkage with new bearings and seals.
  7. Price drop £360 all in.
  8. Cheap that
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  9. I thought so too. Decent upgrade from the stock unit. Can't let it go much cheaper really so this will be it for the forseeable.