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848 848 Evo - No Power In Gear / Rough-ish Idle - Resolved

Discussion in '848 / 1098 / 1198' started by GaryJ, Jun 22, 2020.

  1. Hi All, I've had a look around the internet for this one and it could be a few things, so looking to see if anyone has any experience with the same issue.

    848 Evo pretty much stock, last serviced Oct last year, kept on a battery tender and ridden a handful of times since service (including new fuel).

    All of a sudden this weekend, I go to take it out and:
    1. idle seems poor and even cut out on me whilst getting gloves & helmet on
    2. once I set off in gear there was just no power and and it just felt "starved" - so I only did half a mile and came back home feathering power and clutch to limp home

    Tried so far:
    * No dash error codes
    * Checked both headers are hot when running - they are, so doesn't seem to be one cylinder down.
    * I've added 5L of new fuel (was almost half full) and given it a bit of rev - no better (but will rev up OK)
    * Tried bypassing the side stand switch (as thought it may be that as when I enagaged first gear it seemed worse than neutral) - no difference.

    I've ordered new relays although fuel pump seems to prime but happy to swap them out (I've had the fan and others go before) and happy to replace spark plugs (although would hope they were new at service!)

    Thoughts before I start on that lot and/or give the dealer a call? Thanks all.
  2. Do you have an EXBV? Is it functioning or seized?
  3. Sounds like the fuel breather jets are blocked to me. The screw into the bottom rear right of the tank. They're aluminium and get blocked with aluminium oxide. Take them out and have a look. The breather value in the fuel cap can also jam up.
  4. Do indeed - its a bit noisy and the top cable needs tightening/grease but it does the self test OK and seems to do its job (one for the list whilst all the fairing is off)
  5. Taken them out - one was blocked and the other wasn't - I've cleaned up the messy one and need new gaskets before I put them back in.
    I've fired up the bike with them out and no difference in the poor running - still slowing RPM on idle/cut out and rough when winding on the accelerator gently... Tried with the fuel cap open as well to check

    Awaiting new relays to swap in, and will probably try new spark plugs for completeness next
  6. Maybe worth changing the fuel filter, cheap and you can check the hoses haven't disconnected whilst you are in there. The pump bolts are made of play dough so go easy on them.
    Edit: sorry i might have misread, it revs okay when given a fistfull but not when done gently? If so ignore my suggestion.
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  7. New relays, new spark plugs and a new fuel filter = steady tickover when started!
    So it looks like something in there was the issue...

    Going to take the opportunity whilst its stripped down/on-stand to check/clean inside the frame etc but otherwise it looks like it was a random grelim related to what was swapped out. Fingers crossed and thanks for everyone's input.
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