For Sale 848 Red, Shiny, Original.

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  1. 2009, 13k-ish miles (exact mileage will follow).

    Standard (apart from it being an Italian superbike...) with following:

    DP neoprene seat as new (original included)
    R&G removable tank grips
    Full dealer fitted Ventureshield, 3 minor scuffs to ventureshield on tank where expected (still hard to see), otherwise unmarked.
    Bridgestone T30 evo2 tyres in good condition
    Starter cable kit.

    Rear paddock stand included.

    Bought from Ducati Glasgow In July 2014 with a little over 500miles, new belts, fluids and oil service.
    Valve and belt service DucatiJohn, Leeds in September 2015.
    Two oil services in between.

    Has seen regular use April-October. Garaged in between, belts rotated regularly and forks pumped, patted gently on tank and read bedtime stories through the long and lonely winter.

    Previously advertised on eBay which proved every thread on it to be absolutely true!



    File_004.png File_005.png
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  2. Great ad...made me chuckle. Glws!
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  3. Now back in use. Mileage 13.5 and will rise. I'll leave ad open. Part ex/ swaps considered (04-07 fire blade , bonneville, Ktm 690, decent mountain bike - all take my fancy).

    Glorious ride home over the moors this evening, I'd forgotten how good it feels through uphill sweepers!
  4. Well priced that.
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  5. 8923 packets of wotsits (in date, full size, no multipacks) at the current forum exchange rate.
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  6. And no one has taken up that offer blimey
  7. Like that lots!
  8. Thanks! Still open to sensible offers. Mileage now just over 14k.
  9. My pit bike? In the picture, and something else...I'll find something else...a z4 coupe? Rvf 400?
  10. Z4 coupe? What condition are they in at this price point? I used to have a thing for the z3m coupe... Wonder if any still about?
  11. I had the z3 convertible 3 litre the z4 coupe is much nicer looking, engine is very similar from memory, the z4 is 265 bhp I believe, mines up on the miles so is around £5995 just had the dreaded electric water pump changed (Achilles heel of many bmw models) prices are quite high on the coupe hence I had to get the higher mileage car, nice rare car though only seen one other of my type 06 model since January, miss my 848 had it in the house after I had a stroke then sold it so just learning to be safe again off road on the pit bike although it's a road legal bike and great fun.



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  12. Bike is up for sale again, having decided finally to keep it forever my circumstances have changed abruptly meaning that it now needs to go. It's on auto trader for £4800. Price reflects major service now due (although realistically spring 2018 is what I was aiming for, mileage just under 15k and belts will be 2 years old in September) and 'advisories' on MOT. At the time the MOT was being done the bloke was also giving me his best price so they gave it a thorough going over and came up with front discs (they've done 15k and no track days....), head bearings (this I can go with, no play detected when riding yet but either tighten or replace required) and rear tyre close to limit (no argument there).

    So that's the long and short of it. I reckon it's priced fairly and there are no other known issues other than those highlighted. I'd get them sorted prior to sale but the abrupt change in circumstances makes it difficult to do so in the time frame I've got.

    Cheers, Ed
  13. Lovely looking bike that.
  14. Hope all is ok
  15. Seems good value looking at 748/9 prices.
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  16. It's ok, just not great. Nothing health related thankfully. you'd suit an 848 Ducbird ;)
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  17. I had a realistic chat with a bloke who deals in bikes I've known for many years, he told me what he could give me for it given the work required accounting for his profit margin to make it a worthwhile expenditure of his time and what he'd sell it for. It's priced to account for work required but without dealership profit which I reckon is reasonable.
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  18. Has this sold?

    I know the thread's getting old, but I had to ask!
  19. @Its_just_a_ride
  20. Well missed those heads up just under a year ago.... Hah! Wish I'd looked now. It hadn't and hasn't sold, still got it. Was looking at this thread as @RC1 is looking for another peach.

    Interestingly I had it serviced and MoT'd by Moto technica with regards to the advisories at previous MoT and once brakes were stripped and cleaned the reported warped disc magically disappeared. Head bearings were checked, guess what... They were fine. Had new rear tyre fitted and valve service so back to hunky dory. Mileage still just under 15k.

    //Sigh// think it's a keeper now though, at least until May next year, got a trip booked in diary with it.
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