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848 Shock Bottom Bolt Removal

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by terryphukwit, May 5, 2022.

  1. It’s a bit of a stubborn b**tard then isn’t it :mad:.

    I had a bike (Triumph Sprint ST) in recently for a new chain & sprockets, turned out he didn’t need either, but he couldn’t adjust the chain hence he thought he did. The brake carrier (steel) had welded itself to the SSSA (alli alloy) so the eccentric adjuster was seized solid:(. It took 4 days of soaking and brute force to get it off.
  2. Thanks for your input guys, Iv sealed the hole in the bottom of the swing arm so I can fill around the stuck bolt with diesel, Iv borrowed a 1/2 drive windy gun. Iv also bought a new rear shock that I can send away for service while I sort this bolt out..
  3. Every now and again give the bolt a sharp rap/shock & you may also need an impact resistant hex socket. You certainly do for nuts/bolts.

    A nice tight fitting one as well.

    Best of luck with him.
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  4. So the saga continues and the bolt is still solid, has been soaking in diesel for a week from the shock side, bought an industrial grade impact 8mm hex socket, on a short 3/8 impact extension then an impact adapter to 1/2 inch.. We have tried a couple of air impact wrenches and a Mac tools electric.. Nothing..
    I think I am in agreement that it is the head that is stuck, if it were the threaded end I would feel some twist in the bolts length, if it were stuck in the shock itself it would still rotate a small amount.. I think I will be trying the acid next, if this does not work then drill the head off and try to easy out the rest of the bolt that hopefully will then turn freely..
    If anyone has a any photos of the swing arm around the shock area without the shock in as I have very limited vision of what I am working with, also is the thread in the swinging machined into alloy or a captive nut..
    Again thanks for the help on this..
  5. Maybe heat up the swingarm in the area using electric heat gun no heat directed at the bolt head. ..obvs avoid any hydraulic ... electrical cables lines etc ..... Don't know if the swingarm has painted finish ?
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  6. Thread is in the alloy. Its just a total dogshit of design. Is it an ohlins or showa shock just out of interest?
  7. Its the Showa shock..

  8. The gun we used was the Mac Tools version
    Blows per Minute
    Breakaway torque
    1200 ft-lbs. (1,625 Nm)
    Free Speed [RPM's]
    Torque Range [Ft-Lbs.]
    1200 ft-lbs. breakaway
    Torque Range [Nm]
    1625 Nm
    Impact Wrench
    I was amazed the bolt head and the Allen socket stood it..
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  9. That's not messin around is it ...o_O
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  10. Swing arm is anodised, problem is you cannot get any heat near where the bolt is as it is about 2 inches into the swingarm, I am contemplating an oxy/acetylene welding torch, something small and heat the head of the bolt, I know this will ruin the hardness but least then it will be easier to drill out..
  11. I know!!!!!
  12. I'd be worried about that much heat around aluminium .....
  13. Shit situation ....
  14. That's insane
  15. if all comes to the worst Terry, I've got a bare swingarm you can have.
    extract your hub and throw the whole thing shock and all in the skip and get another showa unit.
    If all comes to the double worst I've also got an Ohlins unit for that bike which you're welcome to consider, but the swingarm is yours irrespective and swap your hub over.

    Just pay the postage or collect if you fancy a drive out - I'm about 35 minutes west of gatwick.
    The shock I'm going to collect from being refurbed hopefully this week sometime.
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  16. Forums at their best ..... That's a great thing to do Sev ....
  17. Can’t remember if the design is similar however I had a seized shock bolt on my 916.
    The head was seized in the arm so I drilled the head off. Once that was done, the threaded shank was simple to remove as it was not seized.
    Not sure if this helps.
  18. Apparently ....the same issue with multi
  19. anything with a single sider.
    The SSA is just a rubbish lazy design when it comes to mounting hardware considerations.

    The designers could have easily made the solution so much nicer and cleaner - the 999 is a perfect example with a separate recessed mounting pin which locks into the correct orientation to allow to to do the shock up, as opposed to the SSA blind thread solution.
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