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851 888 Wanted

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by NickT1, May 4, 2022.

  1. Hi looking for an early 1992 851/888, I’m looking in all the usual places but if you have something let me know , thanks Nick.
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  2. What's your budget?
  3. Funnily enough I was thinking of posting a similar wanted posting, as I miss my old 851.
  4. Turns out this one sold a little while back (their site makes it hard to know if it is still available, from the direct link to the advert)
  5. At that price i'm not surprised it didn't hang around, regardless of the condition.
  6. Shame I missed that!
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  7. Budget is pretty realistic, as with everything asking prices seem vary a lot. Let’s see what comes up …
  8. wake-up call for me yet again :neutral:
  9. Is it ready for me yet Chris :party:
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  10. Bag the money and then treat yourself to a au-pair..........you know that you've earned it don't you.
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  11. The flipside's when cheap as chips they need more cash thrown at them for that ten years younger look.
  12. Can someone help explain the model differences, particularly the styling, I see some 851 that look like the later 888 with the shorter panel under the seat, also white frame and black wheels, is this a particular year ?
    Thanks Nick.
  13. That's the '92 851 the last of the 851's and the 1st with the new updated (888) styling.

    Steve R
  14. 1992 851 - White Frame, Black Wheels, Silver rearsets and Pillion footrests/hangers


    1992 to 1993 888 Strada - Bronze Frame, Black Wheels, Silver rearsets and Pillion footrests/hangers


    1994 888 Strada - Bronze Frame, Bronze Wheels, Black rearsets and Pillion footrests/hangers

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  15. I foundly recall my Purple 851 many years ago.
  16. need to see pictures!!!
  17. Applies to women too :(
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