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For Sale 851

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by SP4S, Apr 17, 2020.

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  1. Hello Chaps,

    Ill give you the short version of my kite flying sales schlep. Bought the bike in 2009 in a very sorry state and finally got around to restoring it over the last few years. Been sourcing as many original parts as i can. Spent a fortune getting it to this stage.

    Below is what i sourced for bike:

    -Brand new tank was found in Italy luckily NOS (new old stock) from a dealer for £500, there are two on eBay for £1000 and £2100 respectively
    -Near rear lens sourced in Germany
    -New foam clock surround sourced in Italy
    -Set of spare wheels found on eBay
    -New fuel cap
    -New Bosch fuel pump
    -New front indicator lens
    -New rear indicators
    -Stainless steel fasteners
    -Injectors sent off to a place in Darlington, cleaned and now work perfect, only 851/88 ive owend that ticks over from cold
    -Near Brembo rear brake caliper
    -Braided hoses at front
    -New hose to rear brake
    -New chain and sprocket set
    -New tyres, have done five miles to MOT centre and back
    -Micron race silencers
    -Alloy Italian chain adjuster, exquisite little thing machined from alloy
    -Powerbronze smoked screen

    Frame/wheels/ subframes all powdercoated

    The bike eventually went to Alec at Ducati Proteam to finish it, making it roadworthy. I have known Alec for at least two decades, great mechanic and lovely guy to boot.

    -Replace cambelts
    -Service engine
    -Change oil, 3.2l Rock Synthesis 15-50
    -Fit new tank internal hoses
    -Fit new external fuel lines
    -Change all brake fluid, DOT 4
    -Change spark plugs DCPR9E
    -Flush system, add new coolant
    -Replace front caliper bolts
    -Refit swingarm hoop
    -Modify battery bracket
    -Supply and fit manual fan switch..........essential in modern traffic
    -Fit new brake pads front and rear
    -Set up bike and MOT

    -The foam around clocks looking tatty, BRAND new supplied with bike, try finding one of these now
    -The black dials around outside of clocks need touching up
    -Few bolts discoloured
    -Brake/clutch reservoirs discoloured
    -Top yoke needs re lacquering

    -Original Ducati brake and clutch levers, brand new in original Ducati packaging
    -Brand new foam clock surround
    -Set of brand new white rims
    -Original silencers
    -Spare rear lens/holder
    -Original Ducati underseat toolkit
    -Crash bobbins, never used
    -Rear paddock stand
    -Spare headlight

    Big Thanks to fellow enthusiasts who helped with the resto, especially Ducati Dad (mick) and Jasper

    I would like £7500 ovno
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  2. pics


    P1000454 (1).JPG

    P1000455 (1).JPG





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  3. Yeah I was close to buying a 851 that needed lots, the cost of the obviously missing from was eye watering let alone the time to find the small annoying things.

    I bought 1 years ago it was a write off took a while back then, got most of my parts from GR Ducati may he RIP.
  4. more pics, in for a penny as the saying goes









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  5. That is a very pretty motorcycle. :upyeah:
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  6. Do you have room at the inn for it, sure is nice :cool: you best stay away from the booze tonight :)
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  7. Nice one Inda. GLWS..:upyeah:
  8. To think I sold mine, after a lot of time and money got thrown at it, yours looks stunning SP4S
  9. Thanks. It was a pretty long hard slog in between work and kids.
    Every time I go into garage and see it I have mixed feelings about selling. But I’ve only done 5 miles since December.
  10. I bet I really regret selling mine the only possession I regret parting with.
  11. Beautiful resto. I could never part with it after that much work, you've got to have at least have a few summer months riding & posing!
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  12. Looks like a lot of time and effort went into that recovery chap, good luck with the sale :upyeah:
  13. I try not to think about it, im not one for keeping a record of how much i spent, but with initial purchase price and restoration i reckon it owes me about £14k, hope SWMBO doesn't read this
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  14. If you are struggling I can store it in my lounge no probs
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  16. IMG_2997.jpg
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  17. Ducati Owners Club Trackday!
    I'm on the 3rd bike in that Picture! I recognise the Leathers & Helmet because I have a Photo from that day on my desk in front of me now!
  18. Not quite Josh Brookes style over the mountain. 20200418_133826.jpg
    I must stop looking at this thread now.
    No room in the garage for an 851.....
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  19. He may be still using them.
    The helmet is long gone, but my leathers still fit me.
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