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Featured For Sale 888 At Teesdales Thirsk

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by Wassy, Jun 24, 2021.

  1. Called in today and they’ve just taken this px.
    It’s about 7k that’s as much as I know about it so give them a call if interested.
    Looks V good standard condition.
    5F35CA8F-202D-48EC-8222-57B338114A33.jpeg FBA011F7-7F6F-49A9-84CB-6307CD8B5B74.jpeg 5F35CA8F-202D-48EC-8222-57B338114A33.jpeg FBA011F7-7F6F-49A9-84CB-6307CD8B5B74.jpeg
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  2. Sweet memories.....
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  3. Did you get the Reg number? Wondering if its my old 888?
  4. It might be the one from a member on the Ducati's owners club website that was advertised in recent times.:thinkingface:
  5. 3D096D05-B062-49B6-BAA7-8A216B986C55.jpeg
  6. I gave them a bell yesterday.
    Asking £7500 .
    Part service history .
    Still needs to go through the workshop.
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  7. Looks like a very nice standard 1994 Strada, apart from the darkened rear brake light and chopped undertray (those are like rocking horse poo to find a replacement).
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  8. The darkened rear lens is a cut down 851 Tricolore item.

    Steve R
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  10. It's been down the road if the 2011 MOT advisories are anything to go on.
  11. It was noted in 2009 too.
  12. I didn't make it that far.. 2011 was enough for me!

    A shame as there aren't many around.
  13. Nice bunch to deal with. Recently bought a KTM SDR off them …. :):upyeah:
  14. How can I see it’s been down the road ? And if so what does it say / show
  15. Go to this site https://www.check-mot.service.gov.uk/ & enter the reg L389OMV. Then select MOT History & scroll down to the advisories. You will see some remarks which indicate damage likely to be caused by "an off" -principally "nearside lockstop damaged".
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