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888 / St4 Hybrid Project

Discussion in 'Builds & Projects' started by darko, Aug 20, 2018.

  1. So after a lot of reading (and thinking) I decided to jump into building a bike for myself based upon my favourite Ducati (888) and using an up to date engine from an ST4S

    Nothing ground breaking but should be fun !

    So far I have an 888 Frame and swingarm plus, ST4S (996) engine and ST4S front end

    The next step is to build her up, ride her and then pull her apart for some much needed tidying up over winter

    The first hurdle is the electrical side, I have no loom so have options, what would anyone advise ?

    ST4S loom and ECU ?
    ST4S loom and 996 ECU ?
    996 Loom ?
    Is the best ECU the IAW 1.6 or IAW 5.9
    Which clocks to use ?

    The aim is to build as simple as possible and tune for road use with possibly only daytime MOT so no lights etc

    Any advice very welcome...
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  2. My old mates Steve R and Ducati Dad will be along to point you in the right direction, listen carefully to whatever they say
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  3. Thanks for that, all good info

    As I don't have a loom and need to get / make one what would you suggest ?

    Is an ST4S loom a good starting point ? I would prefer to avoid immobilisers / unnecessary electronic complications and believe the immobiliser can be turned off anyway on the ST4S ECU (if I go that way)

    Is there a particular ECU that is the better starting point ?
  4. chrisw on here reflashed my ST4s ECU and turned immo off for a reasonable price.
  5. Still waiting for some parts before I can give any meaningful update (loom, ECU etc etc)

    So for now just see pictures :

    IMG_1680 3.jpg

    IMG_1714 2.jpg
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  6. Engine now removed for some TLC and the frame is off for blasting and painting..

    IMG_1701 2.jpg
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  7. Love the engine stand simple but effective..... Topman:upyeah:
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  8. Thanks !

    All bought from B&Q surprisingly. They sell some pretty decent plywood dollys rated to 200Kg and then I just added some timber cut to shape
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  9. Parts are back from being blasted and powder coated, I can highly recommend these guys if you need the same work doing : https://www.icmhome.org.uk This is the second time I have used them, they ride, restore and love bikes so you know your bits are in safe hands !

    IMG_1956 (2) copy.jpg
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  10. Sorry for the lack of updates!

    To recap, the primary gear setup in the bike had been modified and we needed to buy a new set as the modified one was binding, not sure what the intention was of whoever did the modifications, it looks like the were trying to lighten the gears but maybe used some from another model - who knows.

    With the above fixed, I have started on assembly. Just waiting on removing the old head bearings as the lower race is not playing ball...

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  11. With no access to a lathe I had to use some ingenuity today to 'modify' the ST4S 12mm Frame to Engine bolts (the frame has already been drilled out to 12mm)

    Neither the heads of the bolts or the flanges on the nuts would pass through the frame openings so I had to 'turn' them down on the "MacGyver" lathe...



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  12. Also on the 'to do list' was fitting new head bearings, whilst the lower stem bearing refuses to leave the steering tube at least the new bearing cups have gone into the frame.

    I sourced new bearings from Pyramid parts, good price and good quality plus a speedy delivery!



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  13. An overnight stay in the freezer for the steering stem / bottom yoke and 5 mins in boiling water for the bearing and... we now have the new lower head bearing fitted. I used the inner part of the old head bearing to tap the new one into place


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  14. Next snag to overcome... No fuel pressure regulator on the ST4S throttle bodies!

    So the options are to find an 851 part or use the FPR holder from the SSIE (Monster and Supersport) models as that part is still available then just add a new internal regulator into the holder

    Or an external FPR from Delorto / Malpassi etc

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  15. Excellent job as per usual by Steve Jordan Motorcycles - New Belts, Belt pulley bearings and spark plugs fitted, Valve clearances also adjusted and bores inspected.


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  16. Decided to paint the belt covers black for now, carbon covers can be done later..



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  17. Test fitting Corse carbon breather box just to offset the frustration of other bits taking longer than hoped..

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  18. Keep the photos coming, great stuff.
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