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899/959 Tri Options Cup Or Track Day Bike

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Messer, Feb 13, 2020.

  1. Having made the decision my 1199 is a bit much for me, I fancy a 899/959 track bike.

    what’s about please :)
  2. Blue one on eBay May be worth a cheeky offer on
  3. What kind of offer you think? Ones I’ve seen historically have been a bit less with a bunch of spares..
  4. I was seriously considering this one but went with building my own in the end .



    Nice package - £8500 Ono.

    Ex tri options 959
    Ohlins rear shock
    Showa k tech front forks
    Star lane gps lap timer
    Abs disabled
    520 race chain and sprockets
    Spare sprockets
    New ebc pads
    Spare pads
    3 x set wheels
    Wets, drys, inters
    Both paddock stands
    Spare set rear sets new
    Captive spacers front wheels
    Spare rear wheel spacers
    Quick shifter
    Ohlins steering damper
    Carbon front mudguard
    V5 reg documents, hand book and spare key

    I still wonder if I made the right decision but it’s too late now!
  5. Just a little thing to look out for when looking for the right bike, if the motor has red crackle cylinder head covers (think Ferrari)
    It will be a Jhp built motor, a quick call to them will confirm if the motor has rods etc, red covers more 959 than 899.
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  6. Btw it’s a touchy subject around here, the cost of race bike vs road. You’ve been warned ;)
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  7. I ‘think’ Josh Days bike is still for sale. They don’t come better than that either

  8. Thanks for all the comments, I’m going to have a look through some of those bikes.

    the yellow one I messaged but someone is looking at it today. The hyside one has been up a while and is a bit expensive considering it comes with no spares or anything.

    what’s josh days bike?

    the blue 899 doesn’t look to bad for the money just needs a tidy up ?

    I’ll work out what best to do with my 1199 (see post in 1199 section!)

  9. Graeme will comment I’m sure. But josh won the championship last year. Mega rider
  10. Have no wish to teach you to suck eggs but any ex race bike or bike that has had a track life is likely to need a refresh, as that is rarely done before selling. Something as simple as a shim service will be upwards of £1000 so you need to budget for that. Hope you find the right bike soon :upyeah: Andy
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  11. How can it cost So much where the engine is out in about 5 minutes!! Must be very poor design or very slow technician :joy:
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  12. I disbled my FB account, do you know how much his bike is likely to be?
  13. 7800 as is, think it’s 9k with all the suspension etc, and bit more with spares.
  14. oh, that is interesting... who has the bike?
  15. Ducati Tri options cup championship winning bike at BSB (Twice!)

    This bike is ready to race.

    This bike won the championship with Joe Collier in 2017 and with Josh Day in 2019.

    The bike has the following

    Lightweight battery
    custom yoke mounted gpr damper
    R&G cases
    R&G lock stops
    R&G tank sliders
    Hel brake lines
    Samco Hoses
    Motoholder fairing mount
    Ebc gpfax pads
    Motil 300v oil
    Tall screen
    Crc fairings
    STD quickshifter
    Akropovic full system
    Dash cover
    Brake protector
    Crc racing rearsets
    Racing air filter
    Ohlins ttx36 rear shock (See options below)
    Ohlins 30mm nix internals (see options below)

    As you can see from the pictures it is in very good condition for a race bike. The still shots are new ones taken this week so these are the current bike/condition (not old pictures).

    Engine – The engine was replaced at the Snetterton BSB round with a spare. The replacement engine came out of a bike which we purchased as a complete bike for spares from JWF Racing early in the season who informed us that it was Phil Atkinson’s main bike which had been “fully refreshed” at the end of 2018. Phil was scheduled to race the full 2019 season on it he parted company with the team after a couple of rounds. Our team owner used this complete bike for one race weekend with NLR and it was then partially dismantled for spares and the engine subsequently fitted to this bike the following week at the Snetterton round when the original developed the problem. On the BSB dyno at Snetterton it recorded 149bhp.

    Bike options:
    Bike with standard Suspension: £7800
    Bike will full Ohlins suspension: + £1900 (£9700)

    Spare wheels (with disks): £400

    Msg me for more information

  16. Josh Day just says message him so you will need to be on Facebook messenger to get in touch

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