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For Sale 899 Panigale Poss P/x

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by ginge46, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. 0CCBE2C1-6FB8-4DA7-AA2B-CF8AA13367A2.png 51DBFF28-6257-46D7-A181-02233527F496.png ACE5FF03-5604-471F-A764-C87D57B2F610.png 090101C9-F697-4442-BD60-0EF83B6BBA2E.png B2BCB29A-9D1B-497B-8983-E5E6E830CD2F.png B402232B-3881-46E1-9A05-3A8C9514055F.png Hi Guys

    Looking to sell my 899 in Nero superleggra colours
    It’s done 8900 miles has a new mot and service it’s on a 64 plate and has the following extras

    Sigma slipper clutch
    Dp lightened flywheel and gen
    Throttle spacers
    Dp seat
    R&G tailtidy
    1199s rear indicators
    Dp rearsets
    Brembo carbon pads
    Samco Hoses
    Lithium battery
    Titanium bolts
    Dark smoke double bubble screen
    Twm levers
    Cnc top yoke nut
    Cnc engine cover
    I would like £8750 and may take a 916 996 998 or hypermotrad as p/x

    Please pm me for more info

    Thanks Dan


    AE0F4D4D-7A0F-41C2-A33E-8F84E0F93439.png FB3AFC49-66ED-40BF-B3AA-43E52D415CF9.png 7F0930E8-D97E-4E39-85F6-A54FDA4B7FA7.png 0DE7E2D5-51E3-48FC-8B0D-81023FFA7570.png More pics added


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  2. Price drop to £8600
  3. Know its not what your after mate but if you decide to break and those rearsets allow switching to Gp shift whilst maintaining the stock QS function I'll have em. GLWS
  4. Ok cheers I’ll bare that in mind
  5. Drop to £8500 anyone interested??
  6. Just to let you know mine sold with bugger all extras for 7500 last week mate. 4.3k Miles.
  7. Cheers for letting me know :upyeah: