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899 Prices

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by Stu__grant, May 24, 2020.

  1. Hi All,

    I’m hoping to buy an 899 Panigale as my first Ducati. I’ve been watching Autotrader, EBay etc and the prices just seem a bit crazy.

    Every time someone lists a private bike, they are asking £1k more than the last bike that was advertised.

    £9.5k to £10k now seems average.

    Have these now hit appreciating classic status or is this just unrealistic sellers?

    Has anyone bought / sold one recently - What should I realistically be spending?

    I’m starting to wonder if the 959 is a better bet, but those exhausts ‍♂️
  2. Was looking last week and indeed dealers have 959 with less miles, termi cans and only £300 more than a 12k mile 6yr old 899.

    Don’t understand it myself.
  3. Looks like @MrGman has just bought a 899 so should give you some ideas on price etc
  4. When the 959 came out, they were noticeably quicker than the 899s on the Ducati trackday I went to.
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  5. I wouldnt let the cans put you off. Easy fix if your willy to spend an extra couple of hundred.
    For some reason atm 899 prices are mental. I sold mine for 7.3k last year with 4k miles.
    Get the 959 with the slipper, rods and blipper.
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  6. In fact similar money gets you an 1199 base, and given the 899 is pretty basic in Ducati terms the 1199 is better specc’d
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  7. Those 1199’s will be a good buy at that money
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  8. There have been a few around 9k, and that seems to be the kind of cash we are taking for a 959, bit less 899.

    there’s only a couple under 10k at the mo on ebay, but think one or two have been sold on here at that price too
  9. I have just bought a 2014 899, near standard with 4k miles and one owner.... But this was my mates bike, he got some prices from dealers for a cash sale then offered it to me for the best price he was offered, I ended up paying 8k.
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  10. I just bought a 899. Had literally every mod without being stupid just a bit higher mileage than most.
    Not sure 959 is better as blooper don’t really need and it a few hp more but weighs more. 1199 is more money for a bike that is not as useable on road or faster round a short track to which the reason Ducati built 899
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  11. I got my first Ducati this year and set my sights on the 899, which I've always liked, and got a mint, stock 2014 model with 1,965 miles on it from a main dealer for £9,990 in July.

    I hadn't ruled out the 959, as prices for younger, clean 959 examples were comparable to older 899 examples, but I don't like the 959 exhaust and didn't want to pay more and deal with the delays to source the parts to convert it to how I wanted, or wait any longer for the right one to become available.

    Also, after owning modified bikes, I liked the idea of going back to basics and the simple life, so when I made my mind up that now was the time I wanted to finally experience Ducati, a stock, or as stock as possible, 899 was what I really wanted. I didn't rule out the 1199 and 1299, but in most cases the price of these was more than I wanted to go up to, and after all but my first bike being 1000cc superbikes, I liked the idea of the smaller capacity for road riding.

    I was happy how it worked out in the end and the stock 899 exhaust sounds great, considering it has cats and exhaust valve, and that's after coming from a 2014 RSV4 with full Akrapovic system and before that, a 2010 crossplane R1 with decat Y-pipe and dual Akrapovic.
  12. 10 grand for a 6 yr old bike. Absolutely amazed. Your money, your choice :upyeah:
  13. Before I got this one, there were a few around the same price and higher and similar condition that I enquired about, but they sold very quickly, so it's a bike that was in demand, certainly at that time, so I either paid the price or missed out on another really clean example I was interested it.

    I had been keeping an eye on prices for a while and cheaper ones were available, but usually too far away, had higher miles, not stock, and not a huge price difference compared to what I wanted, so I was aware I was paying a bit of a premium for the convenience and it being a main dealer. I did get an MOT, service and the bike delivered for free as well.

    If you want a good example of any bike right now, particularly the manufacturers' flagship models, the pre-owned market prices have been quite strong for a while.
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  14. Sounds like I bought at the right time last year, 5000 miles, termis and all else stock for just over 8k
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  15. I was looking to sell my 899 and switch out to an 1199 for a small premium. When speaking to dealers about Part Ex (Specifically Ducati dealers) They were more than happy to take the 899 in as part exchange and offer better money.

    There reasons were as follows they have less stock of them and they sell quickly. Main dealer will offer the warranty on it again even though they are older but the main perks are the exhaust systems. Quite a few 899s came factory with the termi slip ons.

    He did mention the 959s just sit for sale and the only ones that get snapped up are those with the tri options pack with the akras and they command higher money.

    I will admit coughing up the money for even slip ons adds up its usually an expense you dont want to pay as its not 200-300 for the upgrade. The termi cans always go for upwards of £500 plus many wont be mechanically inclined to tackle the job themselves so will be paying labour on top. Factor in the additional parts maybe needed and things like lower fairings the cost really does rack up into 4 figures. Enough to put someone off when already shelling out a fair bit on a used bike like a 959.

    I swayed away from switching to the 1199 because
    1. i cannot use my 899 to its potential and still have a lot to learn
    2. It doesnt come in the arctic white colourway (Only gloss white)
    3. A fair few that are standard and low mileage good condition didnt have the termis so factoring in the additional cost of sourcing an aftermarket exhaust plus the hassle of fitting it all myself again
    4. Those that were reasonable with slip ons had higher mileage and had seen alot of trackdays not an issue but when im paying more ontop i would want the bike with similar miles and in the same condition to the one im getting rid of

    I purchased my 899 privately in 2018 for £9000 albeit it was standard with just small CNC parts. Full service history and about 3500 miles. I dont think they have moved much from there. If i were to price i would price to the market and obviously look to move £500-1000 in price, £1000 being desperate to release funds and sell. £500 to strike a deal as a general example
  16. I considered 959 but had awful arrow exhaust. conversion costs around£2k/3k due to fairing etc and they are heavier and marginal power extra. Plus they are quieter.
    like said 1199 is older and more expensive but not as useable hence 899 was created and reason I went for it. mine had termis, evotech tail tidy, new mot, new rear pads, chain and sprockets plus a service. Also Ducati comfort seat carbon hugger and heel plates smoked screen and original tool
    Kit and keys. It was a no brainer.
    Not sure how long I will keep for as want to travel with missus.
  17. As an 899 owner I’ve been pleased to see the strong prices recently. I don’t think it’ll last and I’m not planning to sell mine either so it won’t affect me too much! Ducati Manchester has one up for £10,495 and it was only in for 3 days :astonished:
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  18. Has the screen cracked yet
  19. Definitely not best ives seen the carbon looks fake like it’s wrapped.
    Yeah they seem to as not many on road registered anyway. I think a sling as sub 20k miles they will eventually go up in not too distant future
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