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For Sale 9 Month Old Multistrada No Longer Available

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by Cloudypops, May 3, 2019.

  1. IMG_2227.JPG IMG_2228.JPG IMG_2229.JPG IMG_2230.JPG IMG_2231.JPG IMG_2232.JPG REDUCED Multistrada 1260 ABS Sept 18 68 plate. 1 owner 3200 miles Touring pack. Panniers unused. Took extra years warranty at time of purchase so 2 years 3 months remaining. FSH. Totally unmarked.

    Now £10750
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  2. Now reduced to £11250 ono. For full details and photos see previously posted ad.

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  4. So it looks like you're after £11k,and not a penny less:thinkingface:
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  5. XH558 You would be welcome to make me an offer if you wish!!!
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  6. The cupboard is bare i'm afraid:(
  7. Why are you selling?
  8. Quite simply, since buying the Multistraa, which is extremely good, I have started a part time role at a BMW dealership and I can get a very favourable staff lease rate on a BMW as well as servicing benefits.

    It's purely a financial common sense decision. If I don't sell it, it's not the end off the world because I do very much enjoy riding it.
  9. Keep it and ride it to work :D
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  10. Well ...I would upgrade but have a 2010 1200MTS already that I would have to shift.
  11. Is there a top box fitted?
  12. No top box, Touring pack which is Centre stand, heated grips and panniers (unused). I'm currently in South Africa so best to pm me.

  13. Back from hols this weekend and 1 last push to sell. Reduced to £11k. Mileage now just under 3k.
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  14. Still for sale and as immaculate as 1st advertised ...£10750
  15. Which part of the country are you in? I am tempted to come and look .... I would like a newer version.
  16. Look at his profile..........Hampshire ;)

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